FM20 50 Fastest Players

Have you got a need for speed?

We’ve listed 50 of the fastest players in Football Manager 20 from the start of the game that we thought you may be interested in looking at!

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12105679Bruma24Portugal,Guinea-Bissau1817M/AM RL
1344775Arnold Issoko27Democratic Republic of Congo1817WB/AM R
2188000Xande22Portugal,Angola1817AM RL
34950000Rodrigo28Spain,Brazil1817S RL
5161500Álvaro García26Spain1817M/AM/S RLC
33957500Álvaro Odriozola23Spain,Pays Basque1817D R
4209382Dennis Bonaventure21Nigeria1817AM RL
13474800DeAndre Yedlin25United States,Latvia1817D/WB R
1107038Kekuta Manneh24United States,The Gambia1817AM/S RL
26461452Juan Cuadrado31Colombia1817D/WB/M/AM R
6054967Orlando Berrío28Colombia1817AM RL
766706Fabián Castillo27Colombia,United States1817M/AM RL
1243146Mauricio Cuero26Colombia1817AM RL
1381294Dever Orgill29Jamaica,Canada1817S
495809Darren Mattocks28Jamaica,United States1817AM/S RL
46960001Anthony Martial23France,Martinique,Guadeloupe1817AM/S L
75980000Sadio Mané27Senegal1817AM/S RL
34401865Kingsley Coman23France,Guinea1817M/AM RL
85980000Kylian Mbappé20France1817AM/S RL
62980000Ousmane Dembélé22France,Mauritania1817M/AM RL
3718300Alberth Elis23Honduras1817AM/S RL
66074000Leroy Sané23Germany,France1817M/AM RL
99938Mike Feigenspan23Germany1917M/AM/S RL
10182065Gervinho32Ivory Coast1718AM/S RL
29388151Leon Bailey21Jamaica1718M/AM RL
3810797Alphonso Davies18Canada,Liberia1718M/AM RL
35776001Callum Wilson27England1718S
12767000Ryan Fredericks26England,Guyana,Scotland1718D/WB/M R
8238000Adam Armstrong22England1718AM/S RL
414815Viv Solomon-Otabor23England,Nigeria1718M/AM RL
5017393Brandley Kuwas26Holland,Curaçao1718M/AM RLC
583245Tokmac Nguen25Norway,Sudan,Ethiopia1718AM RL
30050000Gonçalo Guedes22Portugal1818M/AM/S RL
33637359Rafa26Portugal1818AM RLC
15020000Percy Tau25South Africa1818AM/S RLC
18980000Adama Traoré23Spain,Mali1818WB/M/AM RL
29776000Miguel Almirón25Paraguay1818AM RLC
824460Hadi Sacko25Mali,France1818M/AM R
42960000Nicolas Pépé24Ivory Coast,France1818AM R
2368302Renato Ibarra28Ecuador1818M/AM R
18544711Jamie Vardy32England1818S
20435571Karim Bellarabi29Germany,Morocco1918M/AM RL
68674001Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang30Gabon,France1719AM/S RL
19980000Joshua King27Norway,The Gambia1719AM/S RLC
5488068Ryan Mendes da Graça29Cape Verde Islands,France1819M/AM RL
2248774Noah-Joel Sarenren-Bazee22Germany,Nigeria1919M/AM RL
421454Emmanuel Boateng25Ghana,United States2019M/AM RL
77980000Mohamed Salah27Egypt2019AM/S RL
29388151Timo Werner23Germany2020S L
805056Dimitri Oberlin21Switzerland,Cameroon2020AM/S L
481140Tyler Magloire20England2020DC
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