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FM Base Challenges: The Italian Job

We hope you enjoyed our first FM Base Weekly Challenge with last week's "Save Sheffield" scenario. This week, we bring you "The Italian Job feat. Big Sam"!

It's March 1, 2020 and Big Sam has been put in charge of AC Milan.

Here's the equation:
- AC Milan are 2nd on the table equal on points with Juventus
- 13 League Games remain including games against Juventus (1st) and Inter (3rd)

The task is simple:
- Win the Serie A and give Big Sam the best trophy of his career.

Get the Scenario here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y_8xLE4s8-Dz4eJA9hhX4x-9D0kUEBEw/view?usp=sharing
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