Big Fat Sam. Where to start?

Well...currently people’s perception of him seems to range from negative to really negative. Much of this seems based on 2 things: his style of football and his image/appearance. His recent teams have almost entirely bypassed midfield as if he’s come to regard the short pass as a form of showboating. As for his appearance, well he’s always looked like the kind of guy who eats crisps while he takes a dump. Other crueller types say he looks like the kind of guy who’s converted his toilet roll holder into a sort of Grab Bag dispenser. Not me though..

After all this is a man who took a struggling Bolton side from the then division 1 and took them to 2 cup semi-finals before ruffling the feathers of the Premier League big boys and bringing European football to the Reebok Stadium. Seriously impressive stuff. His approach to sports science was ahead of it’s time. He brought in the likes of Okocha, Djorkaeff, Anelka and Hierro. More importantly he seemed to integrate them effortlessly into a side that didn’t look suited to such classy players. Out of possession they were rough and they loved a long ball, but the overall style was often varied. It was a direct side, not a negative one. They were sometimes fun to watch. Seriously.

That was a long time ago though. He now seems to relish in former teams struggles and more worryingly genuinely enjoys the company of Richard Keys.

Still, when a club hits the relegation zone they know what to do. Try phoning various Linekers bars on the coast of Spain and ask to speak to the man boasting about his 100% international record. Sam will calmly finish his 3rd full English of the day and down his pint of wine before taking the call. The potential pay-off figure is requested and a short term contract offered. Fry up number 4 is ordered and he tells everyone that he’ll keep them up.

And he does.

For all his image and the often justified criticisms we can surely agree that for some jobs he is an effective manager? And if survival was easy surely everyone would just..y’know.. do it? What he does might not be pretty but neither is the situation you find yourself in. You’re bottom of the table, so do what Big Sam would. Keep them up.


Is unknown (but probably not very good)


You have your Big Fat Sam blueprint to guide you and it’s proven to be a successful one. So there’s only one other thing to do...

Ask Kevin Nolan if he’s still got his boots.

Thanks for reading and we hope you take up the challenge!

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