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“Let him sign the contract. Ole’s at the wheel man, he’s doing his thing. Man United are back!”

Rio Ferdinand 2019

Aged well didn’t it? In fairness things were looking pretty good for Manchester United at the time. Of course Solskjaer got his contract, but his promising start faded fast. Since the legendary Alex Ferguson retired he’s hardly the first manager to struggle though faced with the huge task of emulating him. Bigger names have tried and failed to return them to being the best. First up was Tesco Value Ferguson, then a clipboard and ‘family man’ pairing, then a Portuguese guy who hates doctors. It’s all been very disappointing.

There have still been high points, the odd cups still won. But this is Man Utd we’re talking about. A true great with an incredible history. It’s time to bring those real glory days back.


Rashford and Martial bring flair and pace up front and Pogba is one of the best passing midfielders in the game. New signings Wan-Bissaka and Maguire bring quality and solidity at the back. Even Lingard and Lindelof look pretty useful. Mctominay is a tough tackling physical presence in the middle. If you can get Luke Shaw to have the big impact he does on the catering budget then you’ve got a real player. There are some excellent younger prospects. There’s a bit of quality here.

But there’s nowhere near enough of it. Once you say goodbye to those over 27 year olds the squad does look a bit thin, but in truth it did before anyway. Plenty of poor transfer windows have left their mark and you need to spend smartly. The Glazer effect has meant commercial deals have come first at the expense of the actual football. For a truly great club to have an official tractor partner (seriously) while still giving games to Phil Jones shows some priorities seriously need adjusting. Plus you’ve got Fred. It’s tough.


Work some magic in the transfer market and do it early. In taking the challenge you’ll have a high turnover of players and new signings will need to integrate and build understandings with the squad you inherit. You need to strengthen all areas of the squad. Go for players especially aged 20-22 and look for leaders in young players when buying.

You won’t just spend your way to success though. The development of your existing players is equally vital if you’re going to complete the challenge. Hire the best coaches, focus heavily on training, know what to do. Tactically for what it’s worth I’d go with a high energy 433 Gegenpress but with so many players coming in you can go with any set up that suits.

So your time is here. Go and win everything with kids.

Thanks for reading and we hope you take up the challenge!

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