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Is your squad suffering from a severe case of “little man syndrome”? Not got anyone getting on the end of your crosses? Is your goalkeeper always getting lobbed?

Say goodbye to those days; we’ve put together a list of five of the tallest players in Football Manager 20 to help you improve that cross to goal conversion rate.
  1. Paul Millar - 208cm
  2. Quentin Depre - 207cm
  3. Tomas Holy - 206cm
  4. Artem Korolchuck - 205cm
  5. Zarko Markovic - 204cm
As usual, their profiles, including strengths and weaknesses, are below! Have you had any unusually tall newgen players come into your game? Tell us about them in the comments.

Paul Millar

Quentin Depre

Tomas Holy

Artem Korolchuck

Zarko Markovic
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