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Football Manager: The Tactical Atlas

Tactics in Football Manager are wholeheartedly misunderstood. Since it's inception from the well known Championship Manager series, Football Manager as it is known today has gone through an abundance of changes. The Match Engine has gone from the 2D to 3D, that very 3D match engine has been coded in different ways with the most recent Match Engine being released for Football Manager 2020.

So, what is The Tactical Atlas?

Tactical Atlas is a collaboration work between FM Stag and FM Base's Head of Written Content, The FM Teacher. The content will involve both content creators looking at the player roles available on Football Manager, breaking them down into how the role affects a player's area of influence, passing directions and movement directions - these we will explain later.

To get an idea of what we're planning to do see the image to the right. In the image, you can see the advanced playmaker playing in central midfield with the circle showing the player's area of influence, black arrows for movement, light blue arrows for default passing. This image just serves to give you an idea of what we're planning to do.

As previously mentioned, we'll be planning on doing as shown in the image to all the roles available on Football Manager. The long-term plan for this project is to show the player role works graphically using the FM Base web developer - all this to be revealed at a later date.

Eventually, we hope to be able to use this tool to support the development of tactics and help Football Manager gamers understand how player roles, individual player instructions, team's tactical mentality, team's tactical instructions (In Possession, In Transition and Out of Possession) affects how tactics are developed and how they can be analysed using both tools available on Football Manager and tactical knowhow using this tool.
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