Gamstop: Advantages and Disadvantages for Players

Gamstop is a self-exclusion program that was launched by the Remote Gambling Association. This program is limited to online casinos and sportsbooks that have been licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This scheme aims to provide help to vulnerable players and addicted gamblers by excluding them from playing online casino games in the UK.

The National Online Self Exclusion Scheme is the facilitator of the Gamstop Scheme. And it operates based on wellbeing and not generating profits. The self-exclusion starts with a sign-up process that confirms identity and problems that an individual is facing. The period of exclusion will be determined by the individual. And until the period is over, the gambler will not be allowed to visit online gambling sites.

Gamstop offers a self-exclusion service for free

Gamstop offers players an opportunity to exclude themselves so that anyone based in the UK can easily add their name and get their gambling accounts temporarily closed. You need to keep in mind that the scheme only applies to betting and gambling sites that have been licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

The operators of sites under the UK Gambling Commission are required to register with Gamstop self-exclusion regularly so that any player who registers himself or herself on Gamstop may have their accounts closed instantly by the operator.

This means that British players won’t be allowed to access their closed account at any site or operator. Also, they won’t be allowed to sign up again to start gambling with other operators in the future. It takes a couple of minutes to register on Gamstop. Remember, this is a free service that you can use whenever you want. Therefore, if you think you don’t have gambling problems, you should get off gamstop with immediately. The earlier you cancel GamStop, the easier it will be for you to enjoy playing your favorite games through your app or online sites. If you want to review and sign up for Gamstop, you can choose to be excluded for 6 months, one year, or five years depending on how addicted you are to gambling.

Disadvantages of Gamstop

Most online gambling sites that are based in the UK are usually associated with the Gamstop policy. However, only those who sign up can be banned from these sites. Controlling your gambling habits should come from within. However, there are no policies to bring about such a change because marketers always come up with alternatives to lure gamblers into playing at online sites that aren’t associated with Gamstop.

  • It's impossible to end this scheme before the stipulated time ends. A person has to be excluded from all Gamstop sites for the entire period. And this becomes somewhat forceful.
  • A player might be registered by someone else who has his personal information against his will. The database of the gambler remaining on the site can lead to most UK brands blacklisting them. And this can be quite embarrassing.
  • The data that a person provides is the only thing that Gamstop uses to activate self-exclusion. If the same person signs up using another person’s account or by filling in another person’s details, Gamstop won’t identify this.
  • The credit ratings of a player won’t be affected, however; credit checks are normally run for identification.
  • Even after completing your duration, the self-exclusion will stay active until you visit their offices and request the removal
Living with Gamstop

Gamstop operates on a database that lists players who have subscribed to the Gamstop policy. It also records gambling institutions that operate under the Gamstop policy. However, most UK players prefer playing slots at non Gamstop betting sites due to the unrestricted gameplay and flexibility.


UK players have the opportunity to rise beyond gambling addiction. The Gamstop database includes all sites that operate under its policies. Depending on necessity, a player can choose from within or go beyond. Non-Gamstop sites don’t need KYC while withdrawing or depositing money.

To win and receive your prize, you need to ensure that you are using reliable, reputable, and safe gaming sites. Before registering on a site, always read expert and customer reviews to reduce the chances of fraud and scams. You need to keep your gambling tendencies in check to avoid addiction. Remember, gambling is a choice. Do it responsibly!

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