Not going long back in history, it was not a long time back when indoor games like Bingo and Housie started losing their grounds as the world has become fast-paced. Nobody, except the retired, could find time enough to give these games although being in desperate need of mind-relaxing entertainment. However, times were about to change for these games as the internet was about to get its break in the real world. In the 1990s, when the internet arrived, it also brought new hopes and life for the Bingo game. The slowly dying game sought a new opportunity and the love of people for the game gave it another platform to prove its capability. Here is how it happened afterwards:

The internet as the superpower

Out of the many characteristics of the internet, one of the major ones is its availability. The availability of the internet is 24x7 round the clock and anywhere where you can find a signal round the globe. The game developers who created Bingo for online play could now make the game available at all times. This meant that even if you don’t get time in the day or in the evening, you could still find entertainment and play free bingo for relaxation. This was nothing less than a superpower that informed people that the game is not yet dead, and is here to be better. More entertaining and more easily available.

The accessibility of mobiles

The second reason why Bingo times started to fade away was that it was not available at the right moment. The world had already become a smaller place in the 90s and people used to travel all parts of the world, and some even beyond this world. Not everywhere could the online Bingo game played in a computer could be carried to and even if they were portable, they were not on top of your priority list for a holiday or a business trip. Hence, people started to lose contact with the game and as it is said, ‘out of sight, out of mind’. The game was getting lost in the mist.

Then came the age of mobiles. Technology stormed into our lives only after the introduction of mobile phones. Specifically smartphones. Smartphones opened up a new world of possibilities for commoners all around the world. It was this accessibility on which the online Bingo banked upon. Providers soon realized that it was important to make the game compatible with mobile phones if they wanted the game to cement its place in the near future. This brought to us what we call now as Mobile Bingo. Mobile bingo carries equal fun and more ease in comparison to online Bingo. This gave an edge to the mobile Bingo and soon we could see dedicated mobile apps for playing mobile Bingo. People loved it when the same fun and relax mood was brought to them, with more ease and accessibility.

This is how technology revived and kept alive the simplest game of Bingo. However, credit must be given to this game that even after so many years of being in the world, still entertains and finds love amid this fast-moving no-time world.