Professional footballers can often earn a huge amount of money playing the game that they love, but when they’re not on the pitch or after they retire, how do they make money?

Many footballers have turned to poker as a second career option with some earning lots of money from this popular casino game, while others play it during their spare time as something to do when they are not training or playing. You might be surprised at the number of footballers who actually play poker as a hobby or even play this game professionally. And with online casino options now more popular and more accessible than ever before, you can join them at the poker table and start winning some money of your own.

Tomas Brolin:

Tomas Brolin is a former footballer who has become quite well-known on the professional poker scene. At the age of 24, he had already guided his national team to the semi-finals of the World Cup and was playing in Italy’s Serie A for Parma. However, his career came to an early end due to injuries, which also caused Brolin to gain weight and dash any hopes of returning to the pitch. However, he soon found a new game to get into – professional poker.
The former midfielder for Leeds has been quite active in poker since 2006 and played in the 2007 World Series of Poker, along with the European Poker Tour, in which he frequently competed. Although he’s not yet won any of the events, he’s still managed to earn a nice income simply from taking part. If you want to follow in his footsteps and up your poker game, check out the list of online casino options available at where you can get started. Online Casinos offers an extensive list of different casino options where you can play including all the information you need on each one to make an informed choice on the best one for you.

Cristiano Ronaldo:

Arguably the best finisher in the history of football, Ronaldo isn’t just ruthless on the pitch, but also at the poker table. This famous Brazilian player is well-known for winning the World Cup as a striker and also playing for some of the best football clubs worldwide including Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan. While his poker playing hobby might not have earned him quite so many millions as his has managed to scoop while on the pitch, it has still been quite a lucrative pastime for him, with his biggest success at the poker table at a PokerStars in the Bahamas, where he won over $40k.

Gerard Pique:

Known for being one of the best defenders with wins in the European Championship, World Cup, Champions League and La Liga, Gerard Pique is a footballing legend who has won pretty much everything that there is to win, at every level. But it’s not just football where he’s addicted to winning – in the Barcelona leg of the European Poker Tour, Pique showed off his impressive poker skills and won a massive $56k. He was also a leading player at the 2013 World Series of Poker Main Event and is known for being a player who has a healthy attitude towards poker and gambling in general.

Teddy Sheringham:

The former England international striker is often remembered as one of the most complete front men in the history of the Premier League. With a massive 288 goals scored during his impressive career, the one-time Champions League and three-times Premier League winner eventually retired from professional football and set his sights on the poker tables instead. Since retiring from football in 2008, he has become a prominent figure in professional poker, with a total poker winning of almost three hundred thousand Euros including a massive win of over ninety thousand Euros at the No Limit Hold’em Main Event in the EPT Vilamoura.

Poli Rincon:

Former Real Madrid striker Poli Rincon played in the 1986 World Cup and score ten goals over 22 international caps. In his home country, he has arguably become just as famous for playing poker as he was as a footballer. Since retiring from football, he has become a rather prominent professional poker player who has earned a small fortune from playing in online poker games and tournaments, including reaching money finishes in the Estrellas Poker Tour and the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

Jan Molby:

The former Danish Liverpool striker who rose to fame during the 1980s might have become more famous for his dad bod and appearing on podcasts these days, but he’s also quite an avid poker player in his spare time. And he hasn’t done too badly with it either, having earned at least $10,000 from his time at the poker table earning him a spot on the list of some of the most competent ex-footballers in poker.

Jan Vang Sorensen:

While he might not be the most well-known or illustrious former footballer here, Sorensen has certainly had one of the best poker careers of any ex-footballer. A former player for Danish Superliga club Odense BK, Sorensen’s professional footballing days were over when he suffered a serious knee injury aged thirty. After this, he turned his attention to playing poker, and has since become a highly successful professional poker player. He has won two World Series of Poker bracelets, one final table finish in the World Poker Tour, and a money finish in the European Poker Tour. It’s estimated that he’s earned a massive $2m through playing poker alone.
David Levi:
Another player who’s lesser known for being a footballer but definitely recognised as a poker player is David Levi, an Israeli player. Since turning his attention to poker instead of football, he has won over two million dollars from live poker games including several cash finishes at the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker.
Poker is a fun game that anybody can play to earn money or pass the time. And, it’s clearly a favourite among plenty of current and former footballers.