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    Looking for a Skin with a Simple Attributes View

    Are there any skins with a simple attributes view, ie an attributes view that only shows attributes and not positions, match ratings, selection details etc ? Closest ive found so far is the FMC skin
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    Just a Thought: Have you ever donated to other teams?

    Playing my Aberdeen save after my 5th domestic treble in a row I was thinking, how can I improve the team and the leagues reputation. I thought, hmm maybe I can give other teams the odd 2 or £3 million in the league which then lead me to think, what if I was a big team with 100's of millions...
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    Buying a new Graphics Card?

    I'm looking at getting a new graphics card but my computers pretty old (5 years) so im worried about compatibility. Are there any tools that can analyse your comp and tell you if a card is comp? If not what do I need to consider? My motherboard has 2 16 lane PCI express slots and a 550 watt...
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    Years and years of watching American tv/films has brainwashed me into wanting to try some eggnog especially now it's round the 'holiday' season. So eggnog, is it best to buy it ready made or to make it yourself. & probs the main question, where in the UK can you buy it? o, and anyway who has...
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    Short Unofficial and Anonymous Survey on Piracy and Football Manager 2012

    Hey guys, I needed to design, conduct and analyse a questionnaire for one of my Uni modules so thought what better subject to do it on than FM. The aim of my survey is basically to look at piracy, what effect steam has had on this (as I noticed a lot of moaning about using Steam), who pirates...
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    What Version of FM is this?

    http://i.imgur.com/S8RU6.png http://i.imgur.com/3ZA5A.png http://i.imgur.com/yGpun.png
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    Fifa 'n00b'

    Ive not played Fifa since around Fifa 08, not played a football game since PES 09 and not touched my xbox in 2 years. Could someone give me a general catchup baring in mind there was none of this fancy online gaming lark back in the day. Also a few questins ive got: What is 'Ultimate Team' I...
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    Recommend me an Xbox 360 Game

    Like FM-Base ive not touched my xbox in 18 months - 2 years and as the winter months roll in I wouldn't mind playing something again. I'm not looking for any specific type of game although I would like something that doesn't have a massively high skill level, or at least not a game thats not...
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    Your Year of Music (courtesy of Last.FM)

    So those of you who have and use Last.FM what are your top 10 Artists/Tracks of the last 12 months. Mine are... Artists 1 Mogwai 486 2 65daysofstatic 399 3 Errors 361 4 Interpol 346 5 Karma to Burn 322 6 Kyuss 286 7 The Fall 284 8 The Lonely...
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    Skinning Help: How Do You Edit the Size of the Title Bar

    How would I edit the title bar to be smallwe and also the space between the title bar and the attributes so that the attributes fit with my resolution when in windowed mode, eg more like the netbook skin. Is it a case of just editing some values in an XML file or is it more advanced than that...
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    Texting Website?

    Anyone know any good, reliable and free websites for texting people in the UK? I usually use o2.co.uk but ive used up my free allowance
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    Interesting Wiki Pages

    Love it when you randomly find a topic on Wiki you know little or nothing about, so feel free to share interesting pages youve found. Heres a few I read earlier: The Third Wave The Stanford Prison Experiment
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    ok this is possibly the funniest link ive seen. so far ive read http://www.27bslash6.com/easter.html and http://www.27bslash6.com/5pm.html currently working my way through them all with a sore tummy from loling :( :) EDIT: The intro alone for this one of the left hand side has me rofling...
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    What Are Your World Cup Plans?

    Any plans yet? Ive not got any specific plans as of yet but all my mates are off Uni, or will have at least some time off work and everyones 'rents are away at some point during the WC so im sure ill be having a non stop beelfest
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    Free Beer

    Well its Coors, but still, frees, free need 5 people to sign up to my event, ill sign up to yours if I can :) Join Redders Chimps Tea Party Here