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    Die Hard 4.0

    Went seeing this yday and i would recommend it to you all, now i've said that you probably won't wana watch it but ah well. Thought the storyline was good don't want to give too much away but give it a watch if you liked the previous 3 you'll like this its on a par with them if not better. :D
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    FM Base Fantasy Football

    Well we had one of these leagues last season and one in the world cup, which of course in the world cup I won ;) So i was wondering if, Sean, will you be making another league as it doesn't take much time to make it so you could have it done in 5 mins :P Or have you already made one?
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    Help Please

    I've been getting this error message for a while and its not really bothered me because i've not been coming off FM while playing it, but seeing as the new network game is starting I thought I would ask if any of you knew what to do to stop this error message coming up. Help would be appreciated...
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    Carling Cup Final

    Well we won 4-0 Rooney with two good goals, Ronaldo and Saha. I knew they would have a shirt to do with Alan Smith for if we won which was pretty obvious we was going to win :P Wigan were a bit unlucky to lose there keeper so early on though. Good game I thought, Wigan never really seemed to...
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    Record Thread

    I was just wondering if we were going to start the Record Thread at some time? Because I think I could have a few records :P
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    FA Cup 5th Round

    Preston/Crystal Palace v Coventry/Middlesbrough Newcastle v Southampton Aston Villa v Manchester City Everton/Chelsea v Colchester Charlton v Brentford Liverpool v Manchester United Bolton v West Ham Stoke v Reading/Birmingham Ties to be played on weekend of 18 February...