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    FM12 Update season 20/2021: Summer Transfer Deal Done

    Hi, FM12 Update season 20/2021: Summer Transfer Deal Done ep01 Contact: [email protected] Thanks
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    Football Manager 2012 update 2020: Recap of lower divisions of major championships

    Hi, 5 big championship of the world : (the lower divisions) Contact: [email protected] Thanks
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    FM 2012 Season 2020: THE RECAP

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    Valid Link to install Football Manager 2012

    Hi This is a valid link to install The game of Football Manager 2012!EoJWWC6Q!jmq5w77fKJzWrjolCNsUFVZxGi2477oqWheCRMEoDLk Thank you
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    FM12 season 19/2020: LIGA NOS COMPLETED

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    Polish league season 19/2020

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    FM2012 Wonderkids : The most valuable players U20

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    How to install an update for FM 2012

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    FM 2012 Season 2020: THE RECAP

    And now the Brazilian, Russian and Greek League + Serie B Italy, Segunda Spain, Bundesliga 2 Germany is up to date 2020
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    Hi, In attach, we can find a resume of my work until now put your comments or contact me on [email protected] for your suggestion leagues that you want to be updated . The update don't stop.... thank you
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    Brasileiro 2020

    Hi, For fans of FM2012 and especially the Brazilian league Contact: [email protected] Thank you
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    Winter Transfer 2020

    Vraiment je suis trés etonné par votre commentaire mais je m'autorise à t'expliquer: 1- pour les ages des joueurs : si je met les joueurs avec leurs ages de 2011, tu vas trouvé Mbappé avec 13 ans et haaland 11 ans lool ........ etc 2- pour les equipes reserves et jeunes : le jeu à été recréer...