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    Remembering Kevin Francis - Direct Target Man 442 Tactic - 117 points Birmingham 1st Season

    Some fantastic results there mate! I just have a question if I may, do you ever change the mentality for tough games or away games? Thanks in advance!
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    Remembering Kevin Francis - Direct Target Man 442 Tactic - 117 points Birmingham 1st Season

    Oh that's cool, I was thinking of having a go in the Italian leagues. Thanks mate!
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    Remembering Kevin Francis - Direct Target Man 442 Tactic - 117 points Birmingham 1st Season

    @Babemocni1988 Does the Italian leagues not have a limit on how many loans you can have, or a limit on loaned in players playing in a match at the same time??
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    Remembering Kevin Francis - Direct Target Man 442 Tactic - 117 points Birmingham 1st Season

    Quick question about training, do you just train for the role a player plays in or does the assistant handle individual and general training? Thanks, top notch tactic!!
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    Additional Leagues question

    Hey all, I wonder if someone could give me a little help, as my thread suggests my question is regarding additonal leagues. I know how to install the leagues and such but what I am not sure about is what is the best/most accurate download to use?? I'm looking to manage in the lower English...
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    Calling all tactician's

    Hi all, I'm posting up my first tactic but not as it is proven or anything like that though I have been getting pretty good results with it. I'm currently managing Arsenal and looking for some guidence on where I am going wrong with it. It was created out of frustration and if anyone would like...
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    Newcastle (Targetman)

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone could help me out please. I'm looking for a targetman for newcastle in my 1st season, thank you for any help. Team- Newcastle Position- St (Targetman) Patch- 11.3 Willing to spend- 12 milion 15million If you can post a screenshot of any player suggested that...
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    First Tactic-Man City

    Decided to forget this tactic...it's not working...apologies. *sighs* Back to the drawing board. Please close this thread or remove it..or both..Thanks
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    Patching the Bugs

    I have been hearing a few rumours on various forums that there is a patch coming in December to fix some of the bugs we have all been experiancing during play. I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything else about it and if it is true that a patch is coming to FM soon, and also what bugs...
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    Player/Forward Advice

    Club-Liverpool Position needed to fill- Deep- lying Forward Willing to spend- 18-20mil max Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read my post. Basically I'm looking for a good consistent deep-lying forward, that will be happy in a support duty. I'm currently trying out the Jorge Jesus...
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    Kit Mega pack?

    Hi all and firstly I apologise if this has been posted before but I could'nt find anything about. But I was wondering if there is any plans to release a kit megapack for all the leagues and such etc.etc. Not fantasy kits but real ones for this season. Thanks in advance.
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    Facepack Mega Pack (Information)

    Just to let everyone know that the latest Mega Face Pack version 3.0 (the popular cut out faces) brought to most of us via sortitoutsi will NOT support a torrent download at this time. I have been following their forum throughout the night and the only way to get the face pack currently is via...
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    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has bought and/or held onto John Fleck of Rangers fame. Has he become a star for you?
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    Strange but True

    Thought I'd start a thread about the interesting or "strange" things that have happened in the course of your game. Has anything really strange happened to you? If so then this is the place to post about it. For example; Player retirments? Look forward to reading your strange but true stories...
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    Tactical misery

    Hi, I just wanted a little advice please, because I seem to be having real problems with tactics and results. I have tried so many of the other tactics that other members have created for both small and large clubs but I still can't get the results that are expected of me from the board, I...