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Recent content by nadifur

  1. nadifur

    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment?

    I really wanted to remember my high school years, so I downloaded minecraft. I noticed that a lot of people came back to this game. Games related to pixelmon is now gaining serious momentum. Interested in these games to just forget a little bit about the nightmare that occurs in the world. Do...
  2. nadifur

    What Books have you read/reading currently?

    Now I'm reading The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant.
  3. nadifur


    I just love to travel. It's incredible to have new experiences. And when there is happiness in life, then there is a reason to live.
  4. nadifur

    Internet work

    I've been working on the Internet for quite some time now. And I am quite happy with everything. The main disadvantage is that you sit at home and don't practically look after yourself.