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    FMKorea Camouflage 4231

    Using v2 with IR Whos are corner takers?
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    FM 20 Mobile

    Anyone have good ( maybe exploit ) tactic for FM 20 Mobile?
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    [20.2.4] 2039 Match Engine!

    Have this error after updating to beta
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    Hes not TFF, hes just using TFF name to attract more people to try hes tactic. Just another clickbait
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    Current Match Engine - And What Has Been Reported

    What sources do you need mate? Isnt enough to have most of away games draw or lose even if you outplay them and your players have 6.5 to 6.8 ratings? And that not 2 or 3 games like on fm19 or earlier releases, its about 60-70% away games
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    Current Match Engine - And What Has Been Reported

    Players performances and results on away games are bugged ( read fuc.ked too )
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    PSA: Multiple Accounts (Includes apology from TFF)

    In my books, he knew how to make working tactics :) But that is not an excuse for making so much acc just to boost his treads and ***** on others. Anyway this forum will miss hes work, especially when SI gave as ****** ME like this one.
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    FMKorea Mafia 424 - ByH

    On current patch its hard to win tittles with 11 world class players mate
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    Current Match Engine - And What Has Been Reported

    Dan is this for bugs or can be reported everything we think it need improvement? Besides all of reported bugs, the mot annoying for me are player ratings. I win 5:0 and only players who scored/assisted have solid ratings, rest are under 7.0. GK rating are also low even if i dont concede games...
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    ZEUS by TFF

    V3 is doing miracles to my Lazio side :) 7 wins and 1 draw and my strikers are on rampage. Im in 2nd season and have only Haaland and Pietro Pellegri as incoming transfers. With better wingers this tactic could be very good. So far i play Jony and Corea on left and Marusic on right side.
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    ZEUS by TFF

    I strongly suggest you to wait a little more mate... This ME is for ****, dont loose your money and nerves
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    Low Ratings

    Since latest patch my players most of time have low rating, even if i win games, only those who score have above 7.10 rating, rest of my squad have much lower rating than that. Its anoying to win game 3:0 and all of my players have 6.5-7 ratings. Anyone else have that problems???
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    playgm 4231 Shaolin Chicken Wing Style

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    playgm 4231 Shaolin Chicken Wing Style

    Yes mate, first game after updated to new patch :)