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    Football Manager 2014 Low on memory.

    I tried to load a save this morning and during the loading process, an error popped up with this: I press OK and this occurs: And FM freezes completely, needing me to end the process. It only happens for this one save, my others work fine. There is less leagues loaded in the save that...
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    Francesco Magnanelli - Sassuolo

    [CENTER]Name: Francesco Magnanelli Club: Sassuolo D.O.B: 12.11.1984 Nationality: Italian Position: DM MC Strengths: Passing, Technique, Positioning Weaknesses: Natural fitness, finishing. Description: Defensive midfielder Personality: Ambitious Suggested Roles: Deep Lying playmaker
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    TheMjt, Neall and Fossmeister 3D kit megapack thread

    Hello Me, Foss and Neall have decided to open a 3D kit request thread. 3D kits allow you to change the colours of the shirt, shorts and socks of the kits in the 3D match engine, hopefully it will make your game mroe enjoyable. Leagues completed: League in progress: SPL - Neall Irish...
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    Copa - Lokeren - GK

    Name: Copa Club: Lokeren D.O.B: 30/.12/1979 Nationality: Ivory Coast Position: GK Strengths: Reflexes, Compusure, Aeriel Ability Weaknesses: Communication, Rushing out, Strength Description: Goalkeeper Personality: Fairly loyal Suggested Roles: Sweeper Keeper (defend)
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    The Complete Release clause thread

    Hello, I have been compiling a list of some people with release clauses. Fossmeister halped with providing a HUGE list (although he cheated :P) So far I have scouted England, Germany and France. FM11 Minimum Fee release clauses (these bids must be accepted) Germany France England...
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    TheMjt's 4-1-1-2-2 goalscoring tactic

    Hello This is my tactic that helped me win the treble with Tottenham. The tactic I have been working on this tactic since I got FM11. It involves getting most players forward to attack. These are the team instructions: The roles GK - Goalkeeper - defend - Aerial Ability, Command of...
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    TheMjt's auction game!

    Hellloooo, Right, as goonergun's auction game failed (like 10 minutes ago), I have decided to start a new one. The players will be invites only but there will be 2 divisions. I may not be one time 100% but I will try, sometimes I may be an hour or two late but not everybody's perfect...
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    TheMjt's kit request thread

    Hello :) Recently I have been practicing creating kits from scratch and none of this recolouring ****. I think I have got the hang of it now and would like to make some for other people. I can do any template for your kit Template for requesting: Team name: Unique ID: Home colours...
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    SSS 11 Logos

    Hello, I recently attempted a new type of logo, SSS 11. I have made them from scratch and I hope you like them SCREENSHOTS IN GAME: To use in game go here AVAILABLE DOWNLOADS England Premier League - Download Championship - Download N-Power League 1 - Download Finland Premier...
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    Leroy Fer - Feyenoord

    Name: Leory Fer Club: Feyenoord D.O.B: 5.1.1990 Nationality: Dutch Position: DMC, MC Strengths: Off The Ball, Natural Fitness, Stamina, Dribbling, Heading Weaknesses: Finishing, First Touch, Long Throws, Concentration, Determination Description: Midfielder Personality: Balanced Agent...
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    Fabio - Cruzeiro

    Name: Fabio Club: Cruzeiro D.O.B: 30.9.1980 Nationality: Brazilian Position: Goalkeeper Strengths: One on Ones, Reflexes, Determination, Jumping, Influence Weaknesses: Eccentricity, First Touch, Free Kicks, Flair, Off The Ball Description: Goalkeeper Personality: Light hearted Agent: Gustavo...
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    How to cope with a danger striker.

    How to cope with a dangerous striker Struggling to keep Wayne Rooney quiet? Torres scoring two or three goals against you every time? Try this simple solution. Make sure you are playing a flat four defence. Drop one of your midfielders back to the DMC position and set him to man mark the less...
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    Request a shortlist!

    Hey, Here, request shortlists that you would like to use in your FM save. I will do this for FM11 when I get the demo as well. Please use this template. Name of shortlist: Filter for shortlist (CA 150 or above, PA 180 etc): Request away1
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    European Club Logo's

    Hey, I was recently browsing for badges to go on the kits I made and I stumble across this site http://kassiesa.nl/uefa/clubs/images/ It has most european Clubs and I hope this is used for hard-to-find badges. Thanks TheMjt
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    FM-Base Sig Making Competition Quarter Final Tie #3

    Hey, This is the fm-base Sig Making Competition quarter Final between Dunc and Hiphaphol101. The subject is Arsenal, good luck guys. Dunc Hphaphol101