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4-1-2-2-1 Direct Approach. 20.2.3


I have tried a lot many tactics here and most of them either dont have a striker or an AMC so finally I decided to make my own tactic and it has worked out very well for my team. This tactic uses direct approach and its fast paced game. This tactic also focuses on both attack and defense but at times be vary about the opponent counter attacks. Every position gets high performance unless they are not trained for the role. Goals mainly come from Strikers but also goals come from AMs and sometimes from wingers.

Only suggestion is wingers should have same foot as placed. For eg Winger (left) should be left footed and Winger (right) should be right footed.

As you can see most of the goals come from inside the box and those are placed shots. Plus there are 219 clear cut chances in last 50 games which roughly comes about 4.38 clearcut chances per game. Look at the performace in every position.

You can retrain AML/AMR to ML/MR.
OIs and training is taken care by AM.

Do use it and let me know if it works for you too.

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