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Heavy Metal Football 3-5-2 2021-09-21

I wanted to create an away tactic that was going to dominate and feed endless chances to the strikers as I've had enough of strikerless formations and normal formations struggling. This tactic is all about domination, control, deadly counter attacks as well as killer set pieces all rolled into one

My tactic is inspired by knap nottinghamforestcult formation where mpbappe got 70 goals, also my own suttsko meets void formation and lastly tuchel formation irl regarding the 3 at the back though it's a lot more offensive and it's easier to build the team around 5 midfielders and 2 bread and butter advanced forwards who rake in the goals rather than the midfielders or wingers.

it's very solid at the back with three CBs that stay back and are not susceptible to counters.

As for counters the midfielders will pick the ball up and pump it long into space for the strikers to feast on

With it I won the sextriple with Man Utd {I know not that impressive considering their top dog+ but neverthelesss the type of play was good to watch.

I could make a more defensive version, but I want to see how this one does first and see if anyone else has success with it
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