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La Falcioneta 5-2-3 20.4.1

An intencion to replicate the style of Julio Cesar Falcioni, manager of Independiente, who is currently first in the argentinian league and last weekend won 6-0. Direct atack and compact defense. The most important players are the fullbacks and the inside fowards. all of them have to be very fast and have good crosses and finishing. against better teams leave the mentality balanced, and against worse teams you can be more offensive. As it can be seen in the screenshots we managed to have a lot of clean sheets, manly thanks to our defensive approach. The screenshots are in spanish and sorry for the bad english.
Football Manager 2020 18_3_2021 11_21_58.png
Football Manager 2020 18_3_2021 11_22_11.png
Football Manager 2020 18_3_2021 11_22_19.png
Football Manager 2020 18_3_2021 11_22_29.png
Screenshot 18_3_2021 11_21_15.png
Screenshot 18_3_2021 11_21_34.png
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