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    We are Liverpool: Return to Glory

    Liverpool a club with a long and storied history. Formed in 1892. Crowned Champions for the first time in 1901. Flash back to the present. Liverpool has yet to win a title in the Premier League era which began in 1992. The year is now 2016. That is 24 calendar years without a championship...
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    My most reliable AWAY Tactic 4-3-3

    This is my favorite away tactic that usually gets me results. As you would expect from a strong away tactic, it has mentality counter and a defensive midfielder. So what are the keys that make this tactic work? The three central midfielders are strong in the middle, the formation usually...
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    Would you sell Daniel Sturridge for 72m pounds?

    Thats what Man City has offered. Hate selling inside the league, but the money is pretty good, and sturridge is usually hurt so often anyways. Sturridge scored 20+ goals this season so perhaps that's why interest is so high. Thoughts? And who could I bring in to replace him? I'm thinking...
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    A New Sheriff in Town - Notthingham Forest

    July 8th, 2014. Nottingham President Fawaz Al-Hasawi makes the best decision of his life. He decides to hire -me- to manage his club. Hello, My name is Julius Caesar and I have just been appointed the new dictator-for-life here at the Forest. I flash a million dollar smile as I lean back...
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    Riches to Rags: A West Brom Story

    Backstory: The year is 2014. AS Monaco makes a shocking announcement -- the sacking of Manager Claudio Ranieri. The same man responsible for advancing the club into Ligue 1, and the same man who also just took the club to a second place finish in Ligue 1 overall and qualifying his club for...
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    Is Football Manager too Easy? Finally achieved 1st undefeated season

    So I finally achieved my first undefeated season in my 7th season of football manager. I have won the sextuple twice in the past 2 seasons. And now for the first time, zero losses in a season. I smashed La Liga record for points with 106. Averaged over 4.0 goals scored per game while giving...
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    Overpowered Player Combinations

    If you play football manager, over time you will notice that certain pairings of talent will give you a nearly overpowered ability to win games. Here are a few examples that you can see: Ronaldo + Bale Neymar + Messi Kovacic + Pogba Coutinho + Sterling Lewandowski + Suarez Pogba + Vidal So if...
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    Most Goals Scored in a League Season?

    The Most I have so far is 148 goals with Barcelona while giving up only 19 in 38 games played. That's nearly 4 goals per game scored, and only .5 goals per game given up. So what's the best your team has done in a league season? ex. Team: Barcelona League: La Liga Season: 5 Games Played: 38...
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    Beware the Pack: Rise of Wolfsburg

    Backstory: The Bundesliga. Home to some of the toughest, most athletic, and most skilled teams in Europe. But the Tyrant who ruled this portion of the football world is known as Bayern. And they rule with an Iron Fist. Who would dare to topple the Giant? An upstart group, led by a...
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    Invading the Bundesliga!! What team should I be?

    Since my goal is to topple the giants known as Bayern they are out of consideration. Here are my top 5 choices: Dortmund (might be a little too easy to build this team up) Leverkusen Wolfsburg Gelsenkirchen BMG So I'd like your opinions on what club would be the best to manage going forward...
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    Using Training to remove Negative Traits

    Here is what I've found. If a player has the trait: Fairly Slow player and Slow off the Mark. You can get rid of it by making him train quickness on individual training. Usually if he gets trained up to 14 pace and 14 acceleration, those 2 negatives will disappear. Marking is not one of...
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    Is the 'star' rating system messed up? 2.5 star striker bags 35 goals 15 assists

    Here's the photo evidence: Here's the thing. Timo Werner is only 21. He just scored 35 goals for me. Just amazing performance this season. But the coaches tell me he's only a 2.5 star player. Is the star rating system messed up? Is the rest of my team just so good that Timo looks bad...
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    Is the 'star' rating system messed up? 2.5 star striker bags 35 goals 15 assists

    Here's the photo evidence: Timo Werner_ Overview Profile.png Photo by goraiden | Photobucket Here's the thing. Timo Werner is only 21. He just scored 35 goals for me. Just amazing performance this season. But the coaches tell me he's only a 2.5 star player. Is the star rating system...
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    Can you convert a Youth Coach into a Chief Scout?

    So I would think the most important attributes for a chief scout are - scout current ability, scout potential ability, and I guess scouting knowledge of different countries in general. So I did an attribute search for scout CA and scout PA 20/20. And actually there are a lot of youth coaches...
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    Can't choose new skins - Football Manager

    What am I doing wrong? I copied the new skins to my skins folder in FM 2015. When I pick the dropdown list for skins I can't see any of the new skins I copied over.
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    Do you ever get tired of being the Best?

    Usually it only takes 3-5 years for me. To get all the best players assembled, to get all my tactics sorted out and fluid. And then the championships come. The titles, the honors. Introduction into the Coaching Hall of Fame. Several Manager of the Year Awards. Premier Division titles...
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    Victim of my own depth? How to give players enough starts to keep them happy?

    So I've made sure that my team is deep and talented. I have 34 footballers. But they all want to get 1st team starts. That's kind of impossible to accommodate them all. But I have the best trainers and facilities, I'm afraid to send my extras out on loan because they probably won't develop...
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    FM 2014- Player Deathmatch!

    So here's how it works, two players of the same position will be pitted against one another. The next person posting chooses one of those players based on who he feels is better. Giving some rationale for the pick would be great. Then he posts the next matchup, so that the next poster can...
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    Why is Stoke a Powerhouse in FM 2014?

    I've scouted their roster and it makes no sense. Their best players are generally only 3 stars out of 3 stars. Some kind of bug or does it have to do with the tactic/formation that they employ?
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    Give us your Best XI

    Here's your chance to show off your team's best 11! Follow this format. Team: League: Formation: Position: Example, here's my best 11! Team: Chelsea League: English Premier League Formation: 4-2-3-1 Season: 2014/2015 Result: 1st 30W 5D 3L ST: Falcao AML: Eden Hazard AMC: Oscar AMR: Juan...