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  1. Liam

    Tactic Testing is fun!

    So far this year we have tested over 900 tactics across two patches of Football Manager 2020. The biggest wave will be coming soon when the new Match Engine launches and we're looking to utilise some software called WinAutomation to speed things up. We're also working on a new website, here's a...
  2. Liam

    Football Manager 2020 Desktop Wallpaper

    Liam uploaded Football Manager 2020 Desktop Wallpaper Leave feedback below.
  3. Liam

    Tactic Testing Update: Match Engine v2026

    Hey everyone, With the recent announcement of the new Public Beta which includes an updated Match Engine (M.E. v2031). We have decided to pause tactic testing until it is in full release, in case of any further changes (SI have stated it is unlikely to be the last version before the next...
  4. Liam

    ROTTENs 5-1-2-2

    Liam uploaded ROTTENs 5-1-2-2 Leave feedback below.
  5. Liam

    4-2-3-1 Possession-Shots-Goals

    Liam uploaded 4-2-3-1 Possession-Shots-Goals(v2) Leave feedback below.
  6. Liam

    4-3-3 (GoalMachine)

    Liam uploaded 4-3-3 (GoalMachine) Leave feedback below.
  7. Liam

    Recruitment: Looking for Tactic Testers

    We're looking for some volunteers who like to leave their computer on and unattended frequently. Is that you? Requirements: 5 tactics per week (each test takes about half-hour to simulate 90 games and 5 minutes to submit results) Discord Perks: Satisfaction? Free copy of FMRTE20 You...
  8. Liam

    Recruitment: Searching for a Discord Community Manager

    Hello everyone! About our discord server... Our Discord server has grown rather quickly, sitting tidy at around 4,000 members and we've decided it needs a good old clean up and it needs to be run properly. There's a handful of active users but I feel like, in its current state, the server isn't...
  9. Liam

    Football Manager 2020: Table for Cheat Engine

    Liam uploaded Football Manager 2020: Table for Cheat Engine Leave feedback below.
  10. Liam

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas from the entire FM Base team. Here's to a good one! 🍻🍻
  11. Liam

    Security Upgrade: 24th December 2020

    Instead of spending the entire day with my children on Christmas Eve, I've had to take 30 minutes or so to roll out a new security update due to the continued creation of alternative accounts by I'm sure you know who. I'm vastly disappointed by this. The only thing I really hope to achieve now...
  12. Liam

    PSA: Multiple Accounts (Includes apology from TFF)

    Hi All, Today we discovered a breach of our terms of service in quite a scale I didn’t expect a few days before Christmas. Firstly on behalf of FM-Base, I want to apologise for allowing this to happen. I believe providing transparency is key and today around 75 accounts were discovered with...
  13. Liam

    English Level 10 Database

    Liam uploaded English Level 10 Database Leave feedback below.
  14. Liam

    New Tactic Guidelines

    We've added a checklist now when uploading a tactic due to a wave of low-quality submissions with no screenshots nor descriptions. We're dedicated to ensuring FM Base is still the best place to come for tactics, so if you have any suggestions please reach out to any member of staff.
  15. Liam

    FM-Base Tactic Testing Formula: Key Highlights

    Here's the Key Highlights of our Tactic Testing league The Custom Teams We created two custom teams for our testing, a CA145 team (Sub-Top) and a CA120 team (Underdog). These teams accurately represent the two major players in the game. We felt it was a silly idea to test with a favourite team...
  16. Liam

    Test Tactic - nothing to download

    Liam uploaded Test Tactic - nothing to download Leave feedback below.
  17. Liam

    Tactic Testing Feedback

    Leave feedback for our tactic testing page here. Anything we can do to improve, let us know. We want to hear bugs, features, suggestions & criticism.
  18. Liam

    Tactics from around the world

    We're Using A New System For Sharing Tactics Only use this thread for: Tactic requests from foreign sites, you must include a link To request a new prefix If you're answering a request, then please create a new thread, select a source prefix, for example, FMNation, FMKorea, playgm, etc...
  19. Liam

    Penalties, are they still bugged?

    I was going to start my main save right before the website outage. Are penalties still bugged? It's the only thing putting me off really.
  20. Liam

    1,000+ Wonderkid Shortlist for FM20

    Liam uploaded 1,000+ Wonderkid Shortlist for FM20 Leave feedback below.