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    custom databases

    does anyone know how to use custom databases in classic mode with the new update
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    fm store

    will someone tell me how to fix the sotre on classic mode it just keeps saying general error
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    Starting a new online game

    i am starting a created database game if anyone would like to join just leave a comment only dedicated players
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    Really want to play auction game

    i want to try play a auction game but there is currently non available is anyone planning on making a new one
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    how to play auction games

    seen loads o these threads and find them intresing but dont know how to play them will someone please tell me how to play them
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    Looking for a new online game

    Im looking for a new online game to do with any as long as you are dedicated to the game
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    Year 2050 database

    Is there anyone currently working on a year 2050 database as i enjoyed it on fm12
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    Can you get fmrte for free

    can you get fmrte without donating any money or do you have to pay
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    Need a new challenge

    i need a new challenge to do on footy manager any suggestion?