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    Spurs 1st season tactic?

    Bought Abate to replace Walker and not any other special transfer.. There are any amazing tactics for them ? thanks
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    Arsenal 2nd Season

    Hello.. Im looking for some advices for the 2nd season since I'm looking for treble. In my 1st season I won the premier league and couldnt win Chelsea in Quarter finals. My top 11: Muslera Danilo Varane Koscielny Sandro . Ramsey Prowse Chamberlin De bruyne Sanchez...
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    AC Milan - 3rd Season Tactic Needed

    Hello again :P Im on the beggining of my 3rd season with ac milan , i used this tactic : till my 3rd season everything went great , but now its all...
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    AC MILAN Transfers ? [Patch 14.3 , 1st Season]

    Any ideas of how to get milan back to the great times ? thanks :)
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    Monaco Tactic?

    Hey everyone.. I really need any piece of advice / tactic or anything for this team..the team dont do any good scores..Defenders keep getting low grades , middlefielders just can't control for even 5 minutes on the game and strikers dont hit.. this is my squad : VVCap Image VVCap Image Thanks :)
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    Stefan Kiesling ?

    Is anybody here knows how to get the best out of him ?
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    AC MILAN Season 1 , last update

    hey i would like you guys to give me some good players to buy and some advices about which player to sell. thanks :)
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    AC Milan Tactic

    Hey looking for a good tactic to ac milan , i didnt signed any player because im looking for the tactic and than ill improve the squad. its the first season with 13.3.0 update. Thanks a lot , Yarin.
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    Udinese Transfers

    i need help in Buy/Sell players in udinese .. my budget right now is 14.5M
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    Need MC,DR,DL to AC MILAN

    i have a lot of money so drop namess ... ty : ) i have only one non-eu national place ..
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    non-stop crash dumps ...

    i got a lot of crash dumps in my game ... i dont know what to do , i removed all my graphic packeges , and my saved setting , i tried to delete the crash dumps directory but that's didnt help too.. anyone know how to fix my crashes ? thanks very much ^^)
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    Any Transfers For AC Milan ? 11.3 patch

    i dont know which players to sell and to buy . i need your support about it .. ac milan is the only team that i didnt succesful with :( sorry for my english , because english isnt my first language . thanks