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    Corner Tactics

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone has a really good corner tactic they'd like to share? I get so many corners but barely convert them!
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    Improving Finishing?

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get my players to improve finishing 1v1 chances etc? I have Moise Kean up front who has 15 finishing, 12 composure and 14 technique but no PPMs, he gets in front of goal but every time its straight at the keeper and its infuriating
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    What Am I Missing?

    I've tried a fair few tactics (usually by spending a good 15 games+) but I'm really unable to replicate some of the results of the tactics that are shared, which I'm sure are great tactics. Here is how I play: OIs: Follow the tactic in question Training: Leave to the *** Man Individual...
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    Developing Low Determination Players?

    I've got these 2 guys, Waring came through the youth intake and Sousa was bought for 2m and they look extremely good for their age plus 5 star potential: I've currently got Sousa being trained as a DLP(D) and hes in a mentoring group with Jorginho (Sousa looks like a long term replacement...
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    Getting This Striker To Score

    Guys I have this regen striker and he looks like he's going to develop into a beast but for some reason he just can't score. His technical is low but surely he should be at least heading a few in. Any ideas?
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    Looking For Advice On Finishing CCCs

    Hi guys! Just looking for some advice on finishing Clear Cut Chances, I'm using Martinos WideTargetKillsIt tactic, the tweak version on post #13 (I really recommend this tactic it consistently gets CCC's here is the link...
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    Dealing With Away Games?

    Hi guys, just wondering how everyone deals with away games? I've used tactics like Reaver and callamitys best tactic with Everton which are all amazing at home, but for some reason I seem to struggle away from home unlike everyone else! Any tips would be great!
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    Strikers Poor Ratings

    Has anyone else had this same issue with the strikers this year? Currently I'm using Lukaku and Balotelli in my first season with an Everton test save, and the strikers barely score or get good ratings using a lot of different tactics on here e.g. Reaver etc. Anyone got any ideas on how to...
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    OI's - Closing Down Strikers Always

    Hi guys, this may be a question for TFF but I've noticed everyone uses this OI where all of the strikers get closed down. Is there a reason why this is used on everyone's tactics? Reason I ask is because a large majority of goals from from crosses and then it's the striker passing around my...
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    Tall Striker/Targetman Tactics

    Can anyone recommend a tactic for a tall striker that doesn't have the best passing? I have these two regens but I don't know how to get the best out of them, any help would be great
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    Kristoffer Ajer - Deep Lying Forward in the making?

    Hi guys, I have a bit of a striker crisis at the start of the 3rd season with Everton and Ajer has been one of my signings this summer. So I played him as a DLF against a strong Man United team and playing with 10 men for 70+ minutes, he absolutely smashed it bagging an assist and creating so...
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    Lukaku - Getting Him to Score

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with Lukaku. In the first season he absolutely dominated scoring 40+ goals in all competitions and helping me to win the prem. Now here in the second season I have an issue with him scoring, the tactic hasn't changed and there are only 3...
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    Utilising a Targetman?

    I'm a big fan of a target man, however I can't ever get a tactic to work with a lone target man striker. I currently have Harry Kane and a regen (see screen) that I'd like to use. Does anyone know of any tactics to get the best out of a target man?
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    Villareal - 2nd Season

    Alright guys, basically I finished 3rd in the BBVA and every single top european club (and Liverpool :P) has come in and bought all my top players for their release clauses, I couldn't increase them because the players all wanted out. So I lost: Vietto - 38m Ben Arfa - 15m Trigueros - 19m Mario...
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    Tactical Help

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice with this tactic I'm using, defensively it's solid and very rarely concedes. However getting my team to score is becoming an issue, specifically the striker (Vietto) can anyone make any suggestions based on my screenshots to help get...
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    Players for Championnat de France

    Does anybody know of any good signings for this league? I've looked at several threads on lower league players but a lot of them either don't want to join or the club wants to have the player play with 'higher quality players'. Anyone got any ideas? Playing as Paris FC btw
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    Hi guys can anyone recommend a raumdeuter? I'm currently playing as Sampdoria and have about 70m in my 5th season, obviously I don't want to spend ALL of it but if anyone has had some experience with any players in this role it would be much appreciated! Cheers!
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    Players Not Hitting Through-Balls

    alright guys, my Sampdoria team isn't scoring too frequently using the Armageddon tactic posted on here. It scored a bunch before I sold my winger Correa (for a cool 50m) and one thing I've noticed is that the players often don't hit a through ball pass when the option presents itself, even if...
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    4-2-3-1 Big Man Tactic

    Hi Guys, I'm currently playing as Sampdoria in my second season and I currently have Okaka and Dzyuba as my strikers (who are both big) and Bonnazolli as my hot prospect. I'm struggling to get them scoring or even performing well in my current 4-2-3-1, could anyone recommend a tactic to utilise...
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    Spanish Goalkeeper

    Can anyone recommend a good Spanish goalkeeper or a good prospect one? I'm halfway through my 2nd season with R. Sociedad and I'm going to say about 10m which is what I'm predicting I should get from the board. I already had Valdes and he got sold to Monaco for 9m, currently got Kevin Trapp Any...