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    [FM20] Building a Nation Through an Academy

    Academy Long Term Save FM19 save I have decided to do a Canada Long Term save of which we have downloaded a couple of databases, I have decided to combined Uncle Sam’s USA, Yellows Canadian, Morrissey for the Scotland Database, Majest for 100 youth tournament, realstic preferences, Awards...
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    Which tactic should I use

    With 2 GK 6 defenders 6 midfielders 1 def/mid player 5 strikers what is the best tactic to use for this type roster of those positions.. I was think 4-4-2 would be better then 4-2-3-1 then having 4 extra strikers on the bench.. but also you could play 4 def 3...
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    Reserve & U18

    I didnt see a editor section for fm19 like there is for fm18... I have downloaded a customer database however my league does not have reserve or a U18 and I want to create a U18 league for the youth intakes or a reserve league? how do i go about doing this in fm19.. any help would be greatly...
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    CIS / College Database

    Hey Guys i want to create a database for CIS and college leagues in canada.. Hey guys I want to make a database that has 18 CIS teams which is Canada university teams however do like a spring season and fall season and then have like a championship... I then want to add s college league as...
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    Hamilton United

    Want to create Hamilton United in the league1 League
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    Deleting Clubs History

    So i found a database that is Level 22... I want to take my favorite team in National Conference and move them down to Level 22 swapping them with one of the teams below.. I changed the other team to semi pro and the team i am to amateur. Also i went into the editor and search the club and went...
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    Delaying players holidays

    So I am using a custom database and my club has been drawn into the Championship group Stage. My Question is my season just ended so my players are on holidays however my squad players are on holidays but anyone elses players in the group stage are not on holidays is there a way to decline or...
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    New Kids on the Block (FM17 Save)

    I have decided to put my Keymour & Hassocks save on hold as I found this awesome database and decided to start a new save and story with this as never tried this before.. I have decided to give somehting new a try and play as a MLS academy squad as well as a National U20 squad Manager as well...
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    Non League to Legend (Journey Man Save level 22 England)

    I have decided to use the Level 22 Database verison 6.0 from the SI Games forum which has level 22 of the English league and plan on starting with Level 22 and working my way up We will using add players to all playable teams and also not adding key staff. Keep in mind any players that I am...
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    Using another persons database I have been able to make a CPL.. My question is a) how so i set a salary cap and b) I've read it where its gonna be like NHL is MLS and USL is ECHL as far as comparing them to hockey as CPL will be like AHL between.. To figure that out is it reputation that I gotta...
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    Editing Database with Side Panel

    I downloaded a database however My club has a academy in the database but i cant get it to show up on the side panel for example like MLS teams have it and such.. I have the Fury Academy setup as a Feeder Team or should i just get rid of the academy team in the editor and just have it as a U18 team?
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    Editing Help

    I used to remember how to remove promotion and relegation in the editor for fm16 but now that it has been a few months ive downloaded a custom database and i want to remove promotion and relegation for some of the leagues and cant find it for the life of me in the editor and hopefully someone on...
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    foreign Country Rule

    I just found this great database on this forum however i want to make it so that all countries other then the one i am playing as is non-foreign so that we have to develop more players from my country was wondering where in the editor it is... cant remember where it is for the life of me
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    Keymer & Hassocks (England Lv 23)

    I have decided to use the Level 23 Database verison 8.1 from the SI Games forum which has level 23 of the English league and plan on starting with Level 23 and working my way up We will using add players to all playable teams and also not adding key staff. Keep in mind any players that I am...
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    Club Status

    my club just went from amateur to semi professional however i want sign them to $ wage per week but can only just non contracts and was wondering why
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    Changing Country Foriegn Players

    I want to change the Foriegn countries so like MLS they have 10 max players American/Canadian... In my Canadian database i wanna put American as a foriegn country? not sure how
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    how to add conferences

    I have a 10 team league and i want to add conferences like this or so called divisions within the league Standings - TSN
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    League Rules

    I created a database for my country in Canada and wanted to use the MLS draft rules for my League so that we can draft players from Canadian universities like the MLS does for College down in the states. For professional League Football up here not soccer we draft from Canadian Universities and...
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    Nation order Question / League Question

    Question... So I am making a canada Database... This is what i have CPL aka canada Premier League (10 teams) CSL - Canadian Soccer league (12 teams) CSL 2 - Canadian Soccer league Second Divison (20 teams) - U can be promoted to CSL 1 but not to the Premier League. U can be relegated from CSL...
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    Adding Leagues to database

    so i downloaded a custom database from the si games forum.. after watching the video from the link below so i watched this video and the custom database that i want to add my league and Cup to i cant edit the nation rules or add nation rules its...