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  1. Crayth

    For someone who hasn't bought yet?

    Hello all, I haven't yet bought FM21 (I know its downright criminal). - I just wanted to know for someone whose been playing FM20, what are the major differences in FM21? - What are the main upgrades on the last edition? - Has anything been made worse/broken? Thanks all, looking forward to...
  2. Crayth

    Hometown Glory, Step 10 to Champions League - Lichfield City FC

    The original Lichfield City joined the Birmingham Combination in 1923, but left after two seasons. The modern club was established in 1970 as Lichfield Football Club and joined Division One B of the West Midlands (Regional) League in 1976. They were placed in Division One the following season...
  3. Crayth

    View stats without managing a club

    Does anyone know how I can view stats of players without managing a club? I've started as an unemployed manager and I've created 15 players for a future stars story and I want to be able to view their stats (I can't scout them as I am unemployed and just holidaying) - is there any way I can...
  4. Crayth

    Call of Duty: Warzone

    Call of Duty®: Warzone Welcome to Warzone, the massive free-to-play combat arena from the world of Modern Warfare®. Drop in, armor up, loot for rewards, and battle your way to the top. Do we have any Warzone players? Add me on Xbox Live if you want? TonyMontaNAH or iBeDannyC directly on CoD...
  5. Crayth

    Future Stars Story!

    What is the Future Stars story? I've seen on lots of previous versions of the game a story whereby the community members submit themselves/their own created players that I then add into the game with the same CA and same PA and then I post updates on how each of the players do throughout their...
  6. Crayth

    Mental Health Matters

    Having had issues in my past with Mental Health, I'd thought I'd do a quick post / thread so that people can use the numbers below if you are ever feeling like they are upset or don't know who to speak to. We are all here and my inbox is personally open to anyone who feels this way. Please see...
  7. Crayth

    MLS - Urgent Help - Transfer Cancellations/Salary Cap

    OK - I've had another transfer cancelleddue to the salary cup but as you can see from the second screenshot, I am only using less than 80 percent and have way more than 1.2k available. Can someone explain to me why can't purchase this player? I am so confused as to why I can't sign the above...
  8. Crayth

    From the UK to the USA and beyond - An Englishman's Journey

    Follow Victor Eze as he travels out of his comfort zone and looks to become the greatest football manager of all time.... Atlanta United // January 2019 - December 2019 (Resigned) 19/19 US Open Cup Winners, MLS Eastern Conference Winners, MLS Cup Winners Crystal Palace // December 2019 -...
  9. Crayth

    Calling Aston Villa fans

    Just looking to create a discussion thread for likeminded Aston Villa fans. Especially with us all having much more time on our hands. How many do we have here on FM-Base? :) Crayf (y)
  10. Crayth


    I've been coming back to this site for over 10 years now and its evolved and adapted but always produced fantastic content and this was just a simple appreciation post for all those who have put in hard work and dedication to give us the best service ever. Some of the stories I've read over the...
  11. Crayth

    Buy Stadium - what benefits do you get?

    Hello all, Sorry for creating a thread but was unable to find anything relating to this on the site or on the web. Just want to know what benefit (if any) you get from 'buying your stadium'? I was renting my stadium but have recently had my decision accepted to buy the stadium. I've already...
  12. Crayth

    "The Pride of The Midlands - no matter who the owner" - Be Prepared

    LAMBERT SACKED IN SHOCKING LERNER U-TURN! Today, in a shocking U-Turn, we can reveal Randy Lerner has sacked Paul Lambert with immediate effect. The club was originally put on the market for for £200 million pounds in the summer but has recently dropped his estimated value to £150 million in...
  13. Crayth

    From Curiosity to Football Management; Welcome to Moscow

    f*I know I recently started another story just yesterday, I did a lot of the season and forgot to save and I was so ****** I cba to start again, so heres a new one holidayed to August 2nd 2011* "I can't quite remember what happened really, all I know is my Bahrainian mother seeked asylum in...
  14. Crayth

    FM2012 is already running: HELP!

    I have searched around on the internet endlessly trying to resolve this error and it worked, I re-installed Steam like it said, as the boxes were ALL unchecked on the 'Compatibility' tab and it worked. FM12 began running as normal, however I closed my save and tried to open FM12 to continue with...
  15. Crayth

    the crème de la crème; revamping the french football federation.

    Laurent Blanc Out - Píere In The French Football Federation just moments ago, announced a shocking revelation that current Head Coach Laurent Blanc has been caught on CCTV, drunken and disorderly and abused a couple on their way home in the French capital city of Paris in the early hours of...
  16. Crayth

    Aston Villa - First Season nearing January - Who to sell? Who to buy?

    Aston Villa squad, I've signed in, Shawcross, Bassong (Injured atm for 3 or 4 months) Darren Gibson Clint Dempsey Darren Bent just got injured with a broken foot and is out for 5 or 6 months.. So I've got Gabby up top with the two wingers as Dempsey, Albrighton and N'Zogbia who's just came...
  17. Crayth

    Advice needed please?

    Guys, I don't know if this is in the correct place or not so if it isn't then please feel free to move to wherever. :$ As I have just started coming back onto FM11 and FM-Base I feel a last story coming on before FM12 is released and I was wondering what do people want these days? Do they want...
  18. Crayth

    Downloading Editor Data off here onto Steam?

    I want to download a database 'Sugar Daddy Challenge' which I've downloaded but I don't know where to put it now, I've been searching for 20 or so minutes and cannot figure out what to type in to really find what I'm looking for, I just need help where should I insert the XML file into...
  19. Crayth

    New breed of Reggae?

    I have been introduced by a new type of Reggae by my friend who is a huge Bob Marley fan. I was just wondering what people think of these new artists, Richie Spice who I have just recently been introduced too IMO has very good music but I wouldn't call it Reggae, I was just wondering what you...
  20. Crayth

    "Paul McGrath, McGrath.." A Midlands Tale.

    Gerard Houllier Suffers Heart Attack 7th July 2010 @ www.skysportsnews.com Breaking News! Former Aston Villa manager Gerard Houllier passed away earlier today. The french man suffered a heart attack whilst sitting on his toilet. He was found dead in the early hours of this morning. Sky...