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    Demoralised with FM :/

    Anyone else think fm is not what it used to be ? its so boring sign the same players every time , you used to be able to find young talent and pay under a million and make em into 30 million pound players. go to a top team and its boring because you just win everything or cant improve the...
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    you having the same problem ?

    not sure if this is in the right place so i apologise in advance.... managed a few clubs now and everywhere i have the same problem , the match engine is ridiculous , takes 10 shots to get a single shot on target and the opposition often score with there first shot , also its sooo hard to keep...
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    Marco Verrati

    I have just signed him for Leeds in the first season for 1.3 million has anyone signed him on fm2011 if so does he reach his potential ? it says he is touted as the next Andrea Pirlo
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    your best ever fm11 game ?

    whats the best save you have ever had (post ur success)
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    fm stories

    where is the fm stories section ?
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    has anyone .......

    i was just wandering if anyone has managed to get to the end of the demo yet and if so what team was you how good did u do signings etc ???
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    A genius required

    Hi all i recently did a system restore on my computer and when that was completed a box came up saying low disk space on recovery d drive i have tried everything within my knowledge i dont save anything in there for a start i have tried all disk cleanups etc any suggestions guys ? help is much...
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    help quick !

    hi i recebtly did a system restore and went to load up fm and it says some essential data is missing so i tried uninstalling it but it said the launch anywhere file is missing please help me thanks in advance ---------- Post added at 05:19 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:07 PM ----------...
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    car theory test

    hi all i am doin my theory test tommorow morning so basically just want your experiences and hints and tips ;)
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    micah richards

    i just have to post this he is the best right back on the game bar none just check his average raitings over the last 7 seasons
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    Hi all I am Tottenham in my 7th season and I have Yaya Sanogo and a regen Carlos upfront with Modric in behind in my diamond formation so look at the screenies below and tell me how too play Carlos and Sanogo together also iker muniain help is much appreciated
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    fm 2011 release date

    basically what it says on the tin when is it out ?
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    hi all basically i just want to know what you do in this part of the game as i dont touch it as i dont understand really where to position the sliders so i just want some hints and tips please guys
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    does anybody .........

    does anybody live in bradford
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    Mark Viduka

    does anybody know where he is playing currently ?
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    Edin Dzeko and Pato

    I have posted this on the roles and duties thread but come to no avail so I was wandering what the best way to play these together is ? thanks all help much appreciated
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    leeds sign billy paynter

    http://www.leedsunited.com/news/20100602/billys-the-boy-_2247585_2063633 good signing ?
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    Federico Macheda

    Hi all I have posted this on the roles and duties thread but come to no avail so I play him alongside Carlton Cole in the 3rd season with Albin in behind so i was wandering which roles best suit ALL THREE thanks guys help is much appreciated
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    mauricio isla

    i was just wandering if anyone has signed him and what you think of him here he is on my save
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    man city in talks with madrid for gago and higuain

    its on sky sports now they will be great what do u all think