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    Voting: KotW Champions League Week 22

    El_Wulfio - FC Koln Malarkey - Bayern Munich GGGG75 - Werder Bremen Kevnaylor - Bayern Munich Mike - Borussia Dortmund masterkimdk - Bayern Munich AlexanderKruseBerg - Bayern Munich Epsxe95 - Hertha Berlin trbngr - Borussia Dortmund sat10 - Borussia Dortmund...
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    Voting: KotW Champions League Week 21

    GGGG75 - Royal Challengers Bangalore Steve* - Kolkata Knight Riders Kevnaylor - Mumbai Indians AlexanderKruseBerg - Chennal Super Kings Mike - Kings XI Punjab trbngr - Delhi Daredevils lynchyyyy - Deccan Chargers masterkimdk - Deccan Chargers...
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    KoTW Champions League Week 17 Voting

    I know this has been long overdue..I finally got into the site today post-migration.. El_Wulfio-Legia Warsaw Mike-Chelsea Malarkey-Crystal Palace hermanchides-West Ham trbngr-Boca Juniors masterkimdk-El-Entag El-Harby GGGG75-AS Roma Calum-Atletico Madrid sat10-Arsenal...
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    KoTW Champions League Week 16 Voting

    Mike - Inter Milan AlexanderKruseBerg - Napoli Malarkey - Inter Milan StuW - Napoli Canesdude - Fiorentina trbngr - Palermo El_Wulfio - Roma sat10 - Juventus masterkimdk - Inter Milan hermanchides - Lazio Epsxe95 - Genoa
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    KotW Champions League Week 15 Voting

    Thought I'd help Steve out with the voting thread. Kevnaylor Kashima Antlers AlexanderKruseBerg Yokohama F. Marinos El_Wulfio JEF United hermanchides Pune FC masterkimdk Gyeongnam FC Malarkey Nagoya Grampus sat10 Cerezo Osaka ZeCarlos Adelaide United Harriers09...
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    FM 2012 Reviews

    The reviews are slowly starting to pour in, and even though I know that not many of us here need them to know how awesome this game is going to be, just in case there is anyone who still needs some convincing, I'll try keeping on updating this post with as many reviews as I can, as they come...
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    So...Who was your favourite player on FM 2011?

    As the release date of Football Manager 2012 nears, I just wanted to know who has been your favourite player on FM 2011..He could have been a gem for you in maybe just one save...or over many saves...he might not have been your best performing or costliest player, (maybe he was just the best...
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    Re-Vote - KoTW Premier League Round 2 Voting: DECIDER

    I swear this is the last one :P Every fm-base member can vote. Formia Ed Syers toxicflame JordanK AlexanderKruseBerg Dunc trbngr ross3 sat10 Malarkey Mike prow07
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    KoTW Premier League Round 2 Voting: PART 2

    POLL CLOSED Ed Syers alfretontown1995 AlexanderKruseBerg StuW hermanchides laur93 trbngr...
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    KoTW Premier League Round 2 Voting: PART 1

    POLL CLOSED Mike sat10 jojcik Chokopop TommyKae deathb...
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    La Liga BBVA 2011-12 (FBKits) (WIP)

    Hi.. I am currently working on the kits for the upcoming La Liga season, and I thought I'd post my progress so far over here.. These are just the first versions of the kits, so further minor improvements will be made. When all the 20 teams have released their kits, I am planning to turn it into...
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    CM Punk insults Vince McMahon & the entire WWE Universe in shoot promo

    For all those who thought WWE was too kiddish or didn't like it because it was scripted...well here's what happens when its unscripted...CM Punk, who will leave the company on July 17th, just shot what is called a shoot (unscripted) promo, where he insulted the whole company and viewers for...
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    sat10's 'Yet Another' Kit Request Thread

    sat10's Kit Request Thread Hello. For those who have no idea whats happening here.. This is a thread where you can ask me to make you a kit of the team you support or are currently managing, in designs/colours that come right out of your dreams or imagination. You can use these in your game or...
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    Parent/Feeder Club Questions

    Anyone know how "sending players from the feeder club to the parent club to train" works..I've been looking around...Didn't find anything..maybe wasn't looking hard enough..And while we're at it...does anyone know how "helping the feeder club with an one-off facilities upgrade" option work as...
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    Poll results: The best FM site - truefootballmanager.com

    True FM 2011 / 2012: Poll results: The best FM site Dunno if you guys saw this/took part in it.. The author agreed that the poll probably couldn't have been objective as it was taken in his blog(s), so in that way FM-Base can be considered the winner! :)
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    The 'Real Madrid' Thread

    Real Madrid C.F. - Official Website So I've noticed a lot of the English clubs have their own threads (understandably), so i thought this particular club should have one of its own as well.. So, feel free to talk about anything at all about Real Madrid. Fans...Haters...All are welcome! (as...
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    Above & Beyond debuts second artist album ‘Group Therapy’ #1 on iTunes

    How many trance lovers out here? If you aren't one yet..trust me...there would be not too many better things to do in life than listening to this album whilst taking your club to European (or any other) glory in FM! :) Recommended Tracks for beginners: Sun & Moon, Thing Called Love...
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    Torn asunder in March 2010, a lot of people thought that Infinity Ward wouldn’t survive the mass staff departures started by the firing of founders Jason West and Vince Zampella. There’s no doubt that a vast gap was left in Infinity Ward’s talent by the departures, but the company has soldiered...
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    Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (E3 2011)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_bBm6mexxA In a mere two games Uncharted’s protagonist, Nathan Drake, has become a household name with gamers, an icon of quality gameplay and the Indiana Jones that outdoes Indiana Jones. Naughty Dog’s creation is, quite simply, one of the industry’s major...
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    Introducing "WWE '12" - The Smackdown Vs. RAW Series Is Dead

    Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqR8Z1xRA-I&feature=player_embedded For years now it seemed like everyone but THQ could tell that the SvR games were becoming stale. With each game the folks at THQ and Yukes would try to rejuvenate the series by incorporating new modes and features...