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    Hey, remember me?

    Hi guys, haven't been on here for aaaaaaages, anyone remember me? I'm back btw, if anyone was wondering :P
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    Family Guy

    Dunno if anyone would be interested about this but I just found out today that BBC 3 are showing every episode of Family Guy! They're already onto season 2, it's on every night (except saturdays) at about 23:45 for anyone who cares :)
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    I need help putting a game onto my iPod. It's one of the new nano's and I've downloaded a game off the iTunes store and it's in my library, but I've tried and tried to find a way of getting it onto my iPod but it just won't work. I've tried simply syncing it but that didn't work so don't say...
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    8.0.1 full patch released

    http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/521102691/m/5902009263 :D
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    Name Change!

    Our amazin admin Sean has very kindly changed my name for me, so I'm no longer NUFC 4 LIFE! but NUFCSean :D ty again Sean :P
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    Happy Birthday Jamgla!

    Made this thread for 2 reasons, 1 to celebrate Mr. Glaze's 16th and 2 because he reckons loads of yous will reply in it and I said not many would lol. So, Happy Birthday Jamgla!
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    Rate the above person

    I can remember this a while back and I kinda liked seeing what people think of eachother so I'm gonna start it again. For the idiots out there here's what you do. The person who posted last you have to write what you think of them and then rate them out of 10. Simple as that :P
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    New Laptop

    I'm looking for a laptop and want at least 2GB RAM and dual core processor. I have up to £700 to spend, any recommend a good site to buy it from? Thanks :D
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    When is series 2 of this beast of a programme starting again over the pond in the gd 'ol US of A?
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    The Magpies are flyin' high once again

    I'm gonna start a new story using my Newcastle save, since my Fiorentina save corrupted. Im in 2010 and I'm aiming for the Premiership on my fifth attempt. Past league standings and my squad
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    Awakening the Sleeping Giants

    Well, since FM decided to corrupt my last save with Nott'm Forest, I have decided to start a new game with Fiorentina and use it to run a story sorta thing. I'm going to try and tell the story through the media, this might be a little trickier than just telling it from my perspective, but I'll...
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    The "Tricky Trees"

    I've just started a new game with Nottingham Forest. They're hot favourites for the title and best players are Wes Morgan, Kris Commons, Grant Holt and Nathan Tyson. The board gave me 500k and won't give me any more. Up front is pretty solid with three reasonably good strikers in Junior Agogo...
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    Raul and Deco set for Premiership?

    Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley is planning raids on Spain's Big Two to bring Raul and Deco to Tyneside this summer. The News of the World says Toon's new owner plans to signal his ambition to make the club a worldwide brand by signing one of the biggest names on the planet. A source...
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    What the ****????

    I just got this message, wtf is this all about?
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    Work Permits

    About how long does a player have to be on loan to a feeder club before they can get a work permit?
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    Help me please!

    When I download films and other videos, sometimes when I go to play them Media Player says: A Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) component encountered a problem. If you are trying to use a file that you obtained from an online store, try going to the online store and getting the...
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    Making a Skin

    Does anyone know how to make a skin. Or a link to a guide on how. Help would be much appreciated.
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    Feeder Club Trick

    I've just found out there is a way to get ALL the feeder clubs that the board give you to choose from, and heres how: Lets say they give you 5 to choose from. When the news item comes up giving you the option to make recommendation, click the "Make Recommendation" button. Now, when on the...
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    Spurs Tactic

    i'm nearly finished my first season with spurs and i'm in 9th position, which was what my board expected. however, inconsistency has been my major downfall and i think its because i cant find the "perfect" tactic. i will post my team and could someone please give advise as to what tactic to...
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    is it just my game or does certain players get moved to the reserves now and then? If anyone knows why this happens please tell