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    Frame Rate Display

    I'm not sure how I've managed it but I have a frame rate in the top left of my game, and it's really annoying, anyone know how to get rid of it?
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    Spanish Lower Divisions

    Hi, I'm trying to add the Spanish Third Division to FM15, can't figure it out on the editor, can anyone give me any help please? Thanks in advance :)
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    Has anyone else started a save in Gibraltar? If so how is it going? I started with Manchester 62, won at least one cup a season and the league in the 2nd and 3rd season (due to the short season, I didn't have my tactics right in the first and there wasn't enough time to recover it) In the...
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    Athletic Bilbao Help?

    I've started a career with Athletic Bilbao and was looking for any suggestions on players to buy and sell. Obviously I can only buy Basque players, I have a remaining budget of £1.5 million, plus 75% of any sales :) Thanks for any suggestions :)
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    Personal Targets

    What kind of personal targets do you set yourself on saves? For example, in my Manchester United save, I set myself the target of only using my own tactics, and trying to beat Arsenal's record of 49 games unbeaten in the league. In 2020, the closest I've come so far was 40 games. So what kind...
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    A new dream at the Theatre

    Sir Alex Ferguson has announced his retirement from Manchester United football club After nearly 25 years of managing Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson has announced his retirement, upon finally beating Liverpool's record 18 league titles. "When I first arrived here, I said my aim was to...
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    Newcastle 2nd season

    After a sucessful first season with Newcaslte, finishing 6th in the league to qualify for the Europa League, and getting to the FA Cup Semi Final, I would like to ask for some suggestions on who to buy to help me continue being sucessful, and try and get a good run in Europe. My team at the...
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    Lille 2nd Season

    Hi everyone, I have just finished my first season as manager of Lille, I was sucessful in my first year, winning the Ligue 1 as well as the Europa League. However I did suffer from injuries, causing me to have only 4 subs at one point, and my question to you is, do you have any suggestions of...
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    Andre Schurrle

    I've been on this site for nearly 2 years, and I don't remember ever seeing this players name. This is a screenshot of him in the 1st season, March, and although he is 21, he is very versatile, and it is a shame that I didnt find him this early (this is on a different save to the one I...
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    Facing United

    I am playing as Everton and I have a game coming up against Manchester United which is bound to be key in the fight for the title. I am 9 points behind United in 2nd in the middle of December. My main 11 is: GK Tim Howard DR Bacary Sagna DC Adil Rami DC John Heitinga DL Leighton Baines MC...
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    Best odds

    Just out of interest, what are the best odds you've had going into a game? In my new game with Cockfosters, I was 1-33 against March who were 50-1, in an FA Cup First Qualifying Round match. Anyone else got crazy high odds?
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    If anyone could help me with how to put screenshots into blogs, that would be great :)
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    Need a defender

    Hey guys, Im playing as Manchester United, I'm in 2014, Ferdinand has left, Vidic is 32, but I had Evans and Chris Smalling. However in the January transfer window, I offered Evans a contract (only had 6 months left) but he's rejected it to join Madrid at the end of season, so I would be very...
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    Adler or Neuer

    Im playing as Manchester United, and with Van Der Sar retiring, I was wondering who you guys think is better to replace him, Adler or Neuer. Thanks guys :)
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    Emergancy Striker needed!

    Im playing as Manchester United, 2nd season, but Rooney and Neymar are out injured for 4 months each, leaving me with only 2 strikers, Ive got £20 million, and will be playing them as a Deep Lying Forward alongside Chicharito, any help will be very grateful :)
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    AFC Telford

    Ive started a game as AFC Telford, and in pre-season, my team was doing really well, including an upset win against Wolves, but since the season started, Ive won only 1 in 4, losing the other 3 to teams I should be beating. :'( If anyone can give me any help that would be great :)
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    help getting kits into game

    So I've looked at how to get the kits in, but i cant seem to find the graphics folder :S please help
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    Need a striker, any help will be appriciated

    Im playing as Manchester United, I've sold Berbatov, but need someone to play upfront with Rooney. Please help, thanks ^^)