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    Everton, first season.

    Starting my first main save, I’ve decided to go with Everton. I’ve figured out a formation I want to play, It’s a 4-5-1 with a DM. I’ve identified to positions I need to improve, if anybody has players they could recommended, I’d appreciate it. Thanks. CB- Ball Playing Centre Back DM-...
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    Players for Everton

    I've just finished my first season with Everton. I managed to finish 7th so we have qualifed for the Europa League next season. I've been given a budget of £55M, It will be closer to £70M with player sales. What I'm after.... Left back- Digne is first choice, He's been brilliant. Baines has...
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    I've just started a save with The Saints. I'm trying to find players to fit into a tactic I have created. My budget is around £40m. what I need... Half Back Right back- Wing Back-Support AMR- Advanced Playmaker-Support ST- DLF-Attack
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    Right Winger

    I'm managing Southampton, I have a budget of £30M. I'm struggling to find right wingers, The ones I have found are just not interested or I can't afford them. any suggestions on who to sign? I'm trying to play a passing tactic so they would need okay passing. Has anybody used J.Bowen from...
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    Box to Box

    Who are the best B2B midfielders for £20m?
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    I've just got FM19, I have decided to start with a Southampton save. My budget is 32m, I'm looking to sell 1 or 2 players so it could be closer to £40M. What I want.... CB- Young BPD. CM- Centre Mid- Defend AMR- Winger-Attack AML- Inside Forward-Support. Thanks for all suggestions.
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    Everton 2nd season

    I finished 7th first season, it puts us into the Europa League next season. I'm pretty happy with my squad, I also have a few good players coming back from loans. I have £70M to spend, I feel I need a couple of players to help with the mass of games we will have to play. What I need.... GK-...
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    Joe Williams

    I gave this guy a chance in a cup game, He's played a role in my team since. His report isn't anything special but his performances have been brilliant. He's keeping Gueye and McCarthy out the team. If you're looking for a cheap BWM or BBM, you should have a look at Joe Williams.
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    Baines replacement (FM Inside 2018/19 update)

    Lucas Digne is my first choice LB so Baines has asked to leave. I'm coming up to January and Baines is joining Newcastle. I need a replacement ASAP. I have £20M to spend, I tried getting Tierney but they won't sell. If anyone could recommend a LB, it would be appreciated.
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    I haven't played FM18 in about 2 months, with the transfer window closing, I thought I'd do one last save until FM19 is released. I have decided to manage Everton. I think they had a good transfer window so it could be a fun save. My budget is £50M with £200K in wages. I'll be trying to sell...
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    Who to sign for Bournemouth?

    I’ve never used Bournemouth on FM, they have a few players I rate IRL so I thought I’d give them a try. I have £30M to spend, where should I improve and who with? I’ll probably play a 4-5-1 formation.. thanks for all suggestions.
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    Player Suggestions.

    I've just started a new save, I haven't yet picked a team. I will be using Southampton, West Ham, Watford or Bournemouth. I'm trying to create my own tactic and I'd like some player suggestions for the roles I want... CB- Ball Playing Defender. AMR/AML- Raumdeuter ST- Young striker...