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    Steam account stolen

    Does anyone know how long it takes for the Steam support team to answer a ticket? I reported my account to be stolen 4 days ago, and they have yet to respond. They just don't give a **** or it takes a long time to read 3 lines of text?
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    "Soccer" in the US

    I found this article hilarious. Makes me happy that people like the author don't watch the game. Ann Coulter - June 25, 2014 - AMERICA'S FAVORITE NATIONAL PASTIME: HATING SOCCER
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    God **** Stoke

    Question is simple: How is God's name do you beat these MF-ers? This is probably the only team i never manage to beat no matter what. I tried attacking/counter, nothing works. Oh and did i mention they always have 1 shot on target which is always a goal? This is really getting frustrating, i...
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    Hi, my problem with Oscar is the following: in 3 seasons he scored 3-4 goals and had like 10 assists. By my standards that is absolutely rubbish for a player of his class. I play him in the CM position as AP or DLP (90% of the time it's AP with support). I would like to know if he performs for...
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    Awesome ball control for GKs

    Seriously, i've seen GKs make mistakes, but if you watch the 2nd goal of this game, you will see Cech make a mistake combo. This has to be the most retarded goal i have ever received.
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    Attacking 4-3-3

    Hi, i tried a few months ago to get some people to test a tactic that i used with Chelsea and that got me major successes , but i didn't manage to get anyone to give a hand. So i started a new career with Schalke. The results are similar to my Chelsea career. Chelsea (since turning to 4-3-3): 2...
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    Ulises Davila WP

    The question is simple: has anyone ever managed to get a Work Permit for Ulises Davila? He is scoring 20+ goals at Vitoria Guimaraes, where i loaned him for the past 3 seasons, and i would like to give him a chance, but every time i offer a contract, he won't receive a work permit. He is in the...
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    4-3-3 Tactic Testing

    Hi, i created a tactic in my Chelsea save in response to my poor 2nd and 3rd season in the Premier League. I was trying to create a short passing offensive tactic. So far it has exceeded expectations. Matchday 21: 19/2/1 (Lost a game due to a corner in the last minute) 45 goals scored, 6...
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    Goal Bug

    I recently won the EL with CFR Cluj, beating Lokomotiv Moskow in the Final 2-1 in ET. Or at least that's what i thought. I watch the games in extended mode, so i didn't miss any major action. At the end of the game i was happy that i won the trophy, congratulating the players, and i notice that...
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    Stopping opponents runs

    The problem is the following: opponent players keep running into the box, and my defenders just kindly escort them. My question is, how to stop this? Are there any instructions from tactics that are responsible for this?