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  1. J

    Buy Back Price

    I am currently arsenal and now starting my 3rd season. A lot of the regens I have had come through are wanted by other prem teams like Bolton, West Brom, Wolves etc... When teams make bids for them I try to put in a buy back price clause in it but the team making the bid never come back with...
  2. J

    Unrealistically Hard!

    Is it just me that finds this game (when playing with lower league teams) is too hard. I started unemployed, got the swindon job, they was 22nd when I took over had 7 wins on the trot in the league. Lost in the cups but since then I have gone 15!!! games without a win. One of the teams I first...
  3. J

    Holiday 2012

    Me and my girlfriend went to Salou in May, it was our first time away together and was fantastic. Next year we want to go somewhere for two weeks all inclusive but the prices seem way too high at the moment. Any of you know any cheap, reliable travel agents or has anyone booked flights, hotel...
  4. J

    Taking over a team

    When starting or even taking over a new club and you sort out the staff i.e. who stays and who goes. Does it disrupt the squad by making drastic changes and should I make the odd change every now and then this way slowly building my own back room staff. Or does it not really make any difference?
  5. J

    Whats the best training schedules to use?

    Title says it all really. I only have one lot of training schedules but its a very intense one (players moan) and only suitable for a certain tactic. So what is the BEST schedules to download.
  6. J

    The Guide To West Bromwich Albion

    West Bromwich Albion FC Club Info Nation: England Year Founded: 1878 Status: Professional Reputation: National Chairman Status: Loves the club Legends: Cyrille Regis, Bob Taylor, Jeff Astle, Tony Brown Icons: Richard Sneekes, Derek McInnes, Laurie Cunningham, Willie Johnson, Bryan Robson...
  7. J

    Blackpool - Striker Needed

    I am in desperate need for a striker at blackpool and the transfer window closes in 3 days. The problem is I have only got 600k left but hopefully may sell matt gilks by then has he is unhappy and not playing. Any ideas welcomed as I can not think or find anyway at the moment. Cheers
  8. J

    iPod album must haves?

    What albums are a MUST to have on your iPod. At the moment I am really into Arctic Monkeys (Whatever people say I am thats what I'm not) and Jamie T (Panic Prevention) Im into listening to various genres and wondered if any of you would inform me of a album to listen to that you highly recommend.
  9. J

    Best Lower league players

    What are the best players to buy from the lower leagues, i.e. league one and below When being a lower league team I always rely on loans and can never really build my own squad so I am looking for good, cheap players to use in these leagues. Are there any really good non-league players on the...
  10. J

    Sell Fabregas?

    I am arsenal and man city have just bid 40 million for Fabregas I play 4-3-3 (Wide wingers) Main Reason to sell: Can play wilshere more then, can also then give ramsey and jack rodwell more chances in first team Main Reason to keep: Hes my captain and dont want to disrupt the squad harmony as...
  11. J


    Just started with Birmingham and will play 4-3-3 and in need of new players in the following positions: LB CM (Playmaker) LW Any tips?
  12. J

    nPower Championship Tactic needed

    I am looking for a championship tactic that works for all the teams not just the best i.e. cardiff, forest etc... Any ideas?
  13. J

    Starting unemployed...

    So recently I didn't know who to start a new save with so I took my chances at being unemployed and trying to work from scratch and hope that a team put faith in me. As the season went on I was getting rejected for every job (even raith rovers at one time) Then on december 31st chesterfield...
  14. J

    Your Tactics

    I just wanted to know how many of you actually go into detail in your tactics on fm11 or do many of you just use the tactics already on the game (default tactics). I always seem to go into detail on this fm but not having much joy lately, (i am VERY impaitent) whereas on the previous fm games...
  15. J


    Just wondered how many of you actually send your scouts on scouting missions and where is the best play to send them? I like to send them out looking for players under the age of 21. But struggle to find any really good players I think its because I dont really know where to send them, any help???
  16. J

    Imogen Thomas scandal

    Has anyone else heard about the top premiership footballer who was having an affair with former big brother contestant imogen Thomas. Surely it can't be the man everyone has said it to be can it?
  17. J

    Player Attributes

    I found a thread showing what attributes coaches need and a more in depth look at training, and I was just wondering if there is any similar threads showing the best attributes for certain position players i.e what a good centre back needs, or a what makes a good holding midfielder. Iv tried...
  18. J

    Good coaching staff?

    Sorry if i'm boring people with all these threads I seem to be starting but I need some more advice after the advice given so far was helpful. Just wondered what attributes I look for in an assistant manager, I usually look at there judging player ability/potential and get advice off them on...
  19. J

    Lower League Tactic

    Anyone reccommend a good solid lower league tactic, I have just started with walsall and as I dont have a sqaud full of world beaters I want a tactic thats solid at the back and doesnt conceed goals. Any ideas?
  20. J

    Cant win!

    Right where do I start, every game I set up I seem to lose interest as I dont win as much as I should. My recent attempt was Barnsley. After two months, the only game I won was a 2-0 victory against Rochdale in the league cup. I NEVER win away, and always seem to slip up at home after going a...