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    Russia World Cup 2018

    As we are on the eve of the World Cup starting, I thought mayswell start this thread now and get some discussion going as I'm sure it will have a lot of talking points through the summer. So feel free to post about who you think will win? Players to watch out for? Anything else related welcome...
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    What Album Should I Buy?

    Dear fellow FM Basers, I have recently received an itunes voucher and have enough to buy 2 albums, I am a rock kind of guy who enjoys many different bands ranging from today all the way back to Led Zeppelin era. Also I am into metal if it is not screamo (so I guess you would say alternative...
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    Lost in the world of T.V's

    For christmas my grandparents (who I live with) have said they will put some towards buying a television of my choice and I done research but have got lost in the total world of what is out there. Basically could anyone assist me in choosing one to buy, I need a television for actually watching...
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    Kerim Frei - Fulham

    Name: Kerim Frei Club: Fulham Best position: Attacking Midfield Centre Age: 18 Scout potential: 4*
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    Logo Megapack not working

    Hello, I have downloaded a Logo Megapack from sortitoutsi I found it. Anyway I have extracted it to the relevant area as described in the thread on this site. Ticked the relevant boxes I think like 'reload skin on confirm' etc. Gone into game and the logos are not working at all so I am a bit...
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    Ears ringing?

    I often have a problem when my ears are ringing for no apparent reason, I know it can be due to high sound exposure but it is literally constant all the time, even if it is dead silent. I do play the drums... but I use ear defenders and it does not increase my ears ringing or anything like...
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    Favourite Album?

    I thought it would be a good idea to post your favourite album of all time here, I often find it very difficult to find a really good album which I can listen to all the way through and enjoy. So what is your favourite album of all time? One where you can listen to it all the way through and...
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    Euro 2012 Televised Coverage

    Hello guys, I was just wondering whether all the Euro 2012 matches will be televised in England? If so does anyone know who will be covering all the matches?
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    Selling Antonio Valencia frst season

    Hey people, I was wondering whether anyone has tried selling Antonio Valencia (Man U) first season first transfer window and how much you managed to get for him? At the moment I am thinking of selling him and not sure what asking price to set for him. His value = 7.25m. Thanks for any help in...
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    Berbatov & Carrick - First season

    Hello, I am trying to sell Berbatov and Carrick first season, first transfer window but I am struggling to get bids for them, I was wondering if anyone knew a realistic price of what you can get for them? The asking prices I have set are 10m for Carrick and 6m for Berbatov but I have had no...
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    Man U 4-2-3-1 - CM needed

    Hi guys, My team is pretty much all set apart from the central midfield position, I need a creative CM to partner Fellaini any suggestions much appreciated? Current form/team:- 4-2-3-1 --------De Gea------ Rafael-Vidic-Rio-Evra -[Creative CM] - Fellaini- Valencia--Rooney--Nani...
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    Parker 'named England captain'

    Parker 'named England captain' Spurs midfielder handed armband by Pearce for Holland friendly Sky sources understand Scott Parker has been named England captain by Stuart Pearce for Wednesday night's friendly international against Holland at Wembley. The Tottenham midfielder takes the...
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    Tactical help for Aston Villa

    Hello guys, I am playing as Aston Villa and I am using the setup which GC recommends in his tactical/formation guide sticky thread. This formation is a 4-2-3-1 deep, but I can just not get it to work, I have tried editing things like creative freedom etc or personal instructions for players...
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    Screenshot in game not working?

    Hello guys, I try to take a screenshot in FM 2011 by pressing the print screen button on the keyboard but then when i go to paint and paste, it just appears with a screenshot of my desktop rather than FM 2011 which it should of been. Anyone know any solutions? Help much appreciated in...
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    Valencia Staff Help

    Hello Guys, I have joined Valencia and I am incredibly short staffed, Can you guys name any good staff recommendations who would sign for Valencia if offered (start of second season). Here is what I need: Assistant Manager First Team Coach Youth Coach x 2 Coach x 4 Scout x 3...
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    Which feeder club should I use?

    Good Evening all, On my Manchester United save I have requested the board to allow me to have a feeder club, for obvious reasons. They have come back to me with these clubs but I am not sure which one to use as a feeder club. Which one do you think would be best? Here are the options: -...
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    Why De Gea Wont sign?

    Hello, I was just wondering whether anyone knows why David De Gea is not even interested in coming to my Man Utd side, I have declared interested, admired, waiting and still he is not interested. I know in other people's games who have been Man U they have been able to sign De Gea straight...
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    Man United - CM/DM & CB

    Hello people I am looking to replace ferdinand and would like a similar type of ball playing defender to replace him with so the new CB can cover for Vidic who is more of the beast type of defender. Also I am looking to hopefully get a defensive minded midfiellder but I would prefer if he was...
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    Training schedules?

    Hello guys I have recently acquired Eden Hazard and I am looking to get Thorgan Hazard as well, but regarding the training exciting youth players which I believe these are two...is there any good downloadable training/schedules? I believe Dan and Tugs have not done one for FM 2011 but I...
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    Style of play

    Hello guys, I am Manchester United first season and I played Shakhtar in my first Champions league group game and won 3-1 but then the Shakhtar Manager questioned my approach after the game pointing out that if they took the opportunity to shoot rather then walk the ball into the back of the...