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    Building a Nation - San Marino

    Sorry to hijack the thread but haven't found any other San Marino threads this year. Have you noticed any issues with CL games being scheduled during international breaks?
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    WBL/R for Arsenal 2nd Season

    I'd like a top quality WBR/L suggestions for Arsenal in the second season. Happy to pay up to £20m each for them so no Alaba/Alba/Shaw type suggestions please. High potential backups are also welcomed.
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    The Great Catalunya Adventure

    THE GREAT CATALUNYA ADVENTURE Welcome to my 3rd story this year where I will be managing Barcelona - with a twist. I shall be starting as the manager of FC Barca "B" and working my way up to a position as the manager of the current best team in the world: FC Barcelona. This won't be as...
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    Problem with leagues megapack?

    A number of the leagues added/affected by the change are unplayable (they have errors next to them) and say that there are too many teams in these leagues: Mauratania Bhutan Japan Lebanon North Korea North Mariana Islands Palestine France Malta Montenegro Canada New Zealand Tuvalu And Equador...
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    Work Permit problem extending contract?

    I'm trying to extend Bony's contract but every time I apply for a new work permit it gets turned down? Does anyone know why this is happening or have a solution? Also I was sure there was a sticky but couldn't see it - if there was sorry.
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    La Sfida Sammarinese Grande

    The Great Sammarinese Challenge! That's right I'm back and attempting a challenge bigger and better then anything I've ever attempted before and hopefully I'll be successful in it. Originally this was going to be a Tunisian save but due to cash flow issues in African football but instead I will...
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    AS Monaco - Bringing Back The Glory

    Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club With this, my second effort at a story based on the fantastic Football Manager games I will attempt to bring Monaco back to the glory days. My other story attempt was with Olympique Lyon but ultimately failed due to a lack of commitment. The main...
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    DoF Question?

    Can I get my DoF to handle certain transfers whilst I focus on signing other transfers? Or do I have to give the DoF control over making all signings (with myself finalizing them of course).
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    How to tell if FM is updated?

    My game is displaying that it's in version 13.0.0 but that wouldn't be the latest update? And I thought that it updated automatically? So I was wondering what version was displayed in other users games.
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    The effect of travelling?

    How much does travelling affect how player play? For example I want to start a career as FC SKA-Energiya in the 2nd tier of Russian Football and it would be a 10k mile journey for most teams to play them... So would the travel have any impact on how the game is played?
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    Is anyone working on...

    An extension to the lower leagues of the English division? Fancy playing with my local team this year.
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    Any Chrisitian Benitez/Darwin Quintero-esque players?

    You know the type I'm on about; cheap , scores 20+ goals a season and has low demands. Seeing as I don't have the beta I'm wondering if anyone can tell me if there's a player like this?:$
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    How Long?

    How long does it usually take for someone to edit the Lower (and I mean very low) English Leagues into the game?
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    Dancing With the Devils - A Manchester United Story.

    "Sir Alex Finished" Was the words all over world news this afternoon as it was announced that Sir Alex Ferguson had collapsed in his home. It is thought that the stress of losing the title in the dying minutes of the Premier League just 24 hours ago was a catalyst the the failure of the...
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    Best Target Man for a Championship?

    Wondering what the best target man for a Npower Championship side is? Using Lee Novak at the minute.
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    Players playing awful?

    I've went from winning 44 games in a row to a 3 game losing streak against Liverpool, Stoke and someone else. I'm top of the league but my players are all playing **** and their morale is on Abysmal... What can I do to get the idiots going again?
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    Amateur Clubs

    It seems to be impossible to keep your best players as an amateur club, I've lost my best CM, CB, RB, AML and 2nd best ST because I can't offer them contracts. Some of them aren't even going to better clubs - two of them went to relegation candidates in my division when I've been top all season...
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    How long would it take...

    To take South America (as a nation) and turn in into the best footballing continent in the world, like Europe is at the minute. Could you answer the following question about it? 1 - To take a South American club to best club in world (Top Division Title Contender) 2 - To take a South American...
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    Adam Campbell

    How good does he get? I've seen his PA and he could be good, but want to see how he's been in other saves.
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    German NT not available?

    I've deleted the files I'm mean't to and still can't take the German job at the start of the game... Fix's?