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  1. Z

    Mixed feelings.

    Hi folks! It had been quite some time since last I'm login to this site. Quite amazed to see how far the site had grew.
  2. Z

    FM Mobile 2017 - anyone?

    I just installed FMM2017 on my phone, because my PC no longer works due to broken monitor. Trying to find discussion about FMM2017, and my first thought is FM-Base. So does anyone played this game before? Might as well share some tips? especially on how to analyse player performace, setup...
  3. Z

    Hello Here, Hello There

    Good day everyone, My name Zaiddin, I'm from Malaysia. I start playing FM since 2008, and my first venture into management was with Penang FA. And my first achievement was saving their *** from being relegated from Malaysian Super League. And I'm still proud with that, heheh. I'm active at...