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    Rome wasn't built in a day

    For those of you that don't know i use to be an avid user of this blog my most notable and popular story was an Ian Holloway England manager story which can be viewed here http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/fm-stories-archived/56262-capello-era-over.html. After deciding to return thought i might as...
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    They say you should never go back

    After a 2 year posting break i am back ! i'm going to be doing a West Ham story, was originally gonna start it after the 6-0 defeat to City but my computer decided to die , so here it goes...
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    Brendan Rodgers re-creating the Liverpool dynasty

    Brendan is special, too Jose Mourinho believes Brendan Rodgers can bring back the glory days to Liverpool. The new Kop boss worked with Mourinho at Chelsea and the special one says Rodgers is special, too. And Real Madrid chief Mourinho reckons his 39-year-old pal deserves a chance after...
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    Brendan Rodgers re-creating the Liverpool dynasty

    Brendan Rodgers has agreed a deal to become the new manager of Liverpool Football Club.The 39-year-old will sign a three-year contract at Anfield and his appointment islikely to be officially confirmed within 24 hours.Liverpool will pay Swansea City between £4m and £5m in compensation to secure...
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    A Fresh Chapter In The Premier League FM12 version

    Yes guys this story is back and returning for FM12 since i had so much fun writing this story last year and was very grateful for the following and support i gathered. Unfortunately it could not be sustained as the blog system came out but now the story section is here to stay and properly up...
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    AVB on the ropes

    24th November 2011 I sat watching the highlights over and over again, making notes then ripping them up again. The highlights of course was the Bayer Leverkusen match. The time was 12.48am i needed sleep.After yet another disappointing result, i knew and thought to myself that things...
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    HELP!! Chelsea 1st season

    I have just started a game with Chelsea, thinking of implementing a system where i sell players once they reach 30 (this policy will begin at the start of next season), so will be working hard to reduce the average age. so far... i've been working hard to sell off the deadwood in the squad...
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    tough tackling midfielder for norwich

    i have just started a norwich game (1st season) , i am looking for a tough tackling midfielder who could be slightly passed it but still has 2/3 seasons left in him, prefer player to have premier league experience got £4 million to spend cheers in advance
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    assistant manager for Boston Utd??

    i have just started a game with boston utd in the bsn, am looking for a decent assistant manager who would come to my club?? any suggestions???
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    DL for Fulham

    i am in january 2011 managin Fulham, am currently 7th in the league and i am in need of a new left-back, signed Erik Pieters in the summer for £1.9 million, have also got salcido (who i don't really rate), fiorentina have made a £2.5 million bid which i accepted. i am in need of a new lb, i...
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    Shay Given or Manuel Neuer (1st season)

    just started with arsenal and sold alumnia, i am unsure whether to go for shay given or manuel neuer. however i could afford both which player do you think is more effective?
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    Dear Mods

    my fm11 story, the capello era is over has been closed without any notice and i wud just like to know why ???? i was 10 pages through and what was the point of closing it ??
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    who is the first manager in the English Hall of fame ranking ??

    i know this may seem pointless but i need an answer to this or at least how to find this, to sign up to this new website FM Crowd
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    Man Utd dominant Force

    I holidayed till 2027 and Man Utd are the dominant force in English football, see screenshot below, won the premier league 10 years running !!!
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    How to recover from Premier League relegation ??

    i have just started a new game , holidayed the first season . Wigan finished 20th and they offered me the job i accepted and am unsure whether to completely re-build the club or not. Hugo Rodallega and Maynor Figouera are still at the club, Charles N'Zogbia had been sold to Liverpool for...
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    Editor Data Folder Missing

    i have recently got fm11 and downloaded the new FM11.2.1 patch and i have gone to download a custom database but when i go to save it there is no editor data folder. What should i do ????
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    A Fresh Chapter In The Premier League

    In this story i am managing all 20 clubs for transfers, tactics etc. ______________________________________________________________ "As the new Premier League season draws closer, everyone is just starting to get a little bit excited" The long-awaited Premier League season is truly in...
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    Liverpool V Wolves (All Time Record)

    just thought people would find this enjoyable to know what this was. Played:96 Liverpool Wins:46 Draws:17 Wolves Wins:33 All Time Score-Line: Liverpool 144 -117 Wolves
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    Birmingham V Man Utd (All Time Record)

    Just thought some people might find this enjoyable to see the head to head record from 1892 to 2010. Birmingham were Small Heath until 1905 where as Man Utd were known as Newton Heath until 1902. See Below. Total Games:100 Birmingham Wins: 25 Draws:28 Man Utd Wins: 47 All Time Score-Line...
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    Best position to play Jordan Henderson

    i have just started an England story http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/f116/the-capello-era-is-over-t56262.html#post850813 i'm just about to pick my first squad and unsure where to play Jordan Henderson. Should i play him CM or AMC ???