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    Tactics - I think I get it

    After starting a new save I think I finally started getting it... Every match should be approached individually and very carefully, while still having the whole picture in mind. That is all. 1. I started managing my coaches and selection. 2. Prepared the tactics carefully: - basic plan how I...
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    The Italian Job?

    Post here: - Italian wonderkids - wonderkids playing in Italy - young (22-25 years old) Italian players - bargain buys in Italy - and I am especially interested on your opinion on Verre, Verdi, Bertolacci and Cicciretti
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    3-5-2 Tactical Discussion and Help

    Alright fellas I am going to need your assistance for playing 3-5-2. I did my research and played half a season with Juventus to test it out and there are few points to note over here: 1) Zonal Marking on 3 man defence just does not work, the defenders do not spread to cover the areas 2) What...
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    Improve my Milan and Juventus side

    With a friend we are playing a game and we need some transfer suggestions to attack and win the UCL this and every other season. First my Juventus only Italian side (suggest only Italians) 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 both systems with DM; transfer budged: 70 mil; GK- Buffon, Sirugu, Branescu, (Leali 50 %...
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    Striker, Winger, CD for Perugia 2015

    For 6 mil I have to find 3 first team players: Striker - I will appreciate some CF suggestions CD - Should be quick as I play with a very pushed up d-line - anticipation, decisions, concentration are good to have Winger - any side, I am not very pretentious here One of these guys should have...
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    How to motivate a team to play?

    Wall of text, but please try to help. Hey guys I am currently taking my own challenge to manage Roma after Luis Enrique is sacked and put some imaginary extra challenges like keep the team with as much as possible Italian players and young also, develop players from the reserves and youth...
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    Players for Sunderland 1st Season, Winter Window and for 2nd Season

    Hey I started a new save with Sunderland I am enjoying it very much. Looking for players in the Winter Transfer Window and also for the future. The club is rich, which suggests I will get a lot of money for transfers. However I am lying in the "safe" 10th place with no prospect for getting at...
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    Target man

    Hey guys, I got completely bored playing with Roma and recreating strategies. I am looking for another league and to use some target man strategy. It seems that the old big number 9 man are coming back to football and after watching Benfica, Milan and Bilbao I kind of want to play with the huge...
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    How to get the best of my Ball Playing Covering CB?

    Hey guys, I would like to use my BP CB as best as I can in creating attacks. I noticed they have a pretty low pass accuracy (around 70-75%) and they seems to not drop forward an help my DLP DM in organizing the attacks. I would like him to play like Mathias Zammer for Germany in EU 96 or some...
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    Looking for BP Stopper

    I am looking for a player like Javi Martinez for Bilbao - ball playing stopper. Javi Martinez does not want to sign for me. I am looking for the best possible players. Managing team Roma. Transfer budget 50 mil or more, 4th season. While you are thinking about such a player, could you please...
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    Lethal Counter Attacks?

    I am working on a counter-attacking football and I need tips and advises how to make my counter-attacks deadly. In the same time I need some tips in how to make so that you have a higher possession of the ball in a counter attack strategy. Is it possible a counter-attacking strategy to work with...
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    Living up the Dream or a Reality Check? Dobrudzha 1919 Story

    Living up the Dream or a Reality Check? Dobrudzha 1919 Story Istanbul, the Summer of 2011 Manager of the Year Won by a 25 Years Old Foreigner The 25 years old Ilknur IBRYAM from Bulgaria won the manager of the year. His leadership over management approach and his work in the tourism...
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    Perugia 3rd Season Seria B

    This thread is for people with more in-dept knowledge with the Italian leagues and this is why I will require some kind of analyses of the players, you guys can offer me to buy. This is basically my squad and my tactic As you can see I am using maxi87's 3-6-1 with sweeper and I play a rather...
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    SW and Libero wonderkids and good players?

    Currently applying one of the strategies from this topic-http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2012-tactics-training/85252-recreation-tactic-catenaccio-libero-4.html#post1425566. I am looking for some recommendations for good players for seria c2, c1, b and eventually seria A. Any...
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    Striker Trequartista?

    Trying to recreate the Roma tactic of 2006-2007 with Roma and I am looking for a player with whom I can replace Bojan when he is injured or under performing. Totti is not playing well on this position although he is the father of the trequartista. One more question to the strategic guys here -...
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    Help to Develop A.S. Roma to a Top Team

    I love A.S. Roma Hello dear forumers. A.S. Roma is my favorite team since I was 4 years old - my grandfather was a Lazio fan and was always looking at Seria A during the kids program at the other channel. After long fights for the remote I decided to give up and just to cheer for their rivals...