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    Bit off topic. I currently have a decent PC, but am looking for a PC to play the likes of Farcry 4, GTA V, etc on. My budget is £1000-£1200. But I don't know where to start, would any of you guys be able to post some possible build that really maximize my money? Thanks P.S. MODS FEEL FREE...
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    Lower League Database

    Anyone know where I can get a lower league database for FM16?
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    I tried just dragged my FM15 graphics across but they didn't work, anyone know how to get graphics to work?
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    West Ham - Olympic Stadium

    Do you move into the olympic stadium in 2016/17 season as West Ham like they will in real life or do you stay in at Upton Park?
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    I recently went to West Strand House in Preston to see a Psychological Well-being Practitioner, but I need to know the name of my Psychological Well-being Practitioner but I don't know how to find it, can anyone help find her name?
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    Loan Offers

    Is there a way to make it automatically reject all loan offers?
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    Norwich 1st Season

    I have put this tactic together for my Norwich team in the first season, is there any way I should improve it? Tactic - Gyazo - e54ef57eedc606d5007191b5dc4a6e66.png Instructions - Gyazo - bb3f3bd0c13aed2d69aa4934975c2f7e.png
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    Help me stay interested!

    I am currently really bored of FM, and I want a team that will really interest me! Has anyone got any recommendations?
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    Help with Finances/Balance

    I have just finished my 5th season and my balance is -£108 million and my transfer budget has been set at £1 million, how can I stop my balance being so bad? Gyazo - 3587f986c654c6b48ef560f7bf66b893.png I am Liverpool by the way!
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    Best team to fit the Bebetoo tactic?
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    West Ham - 1st Season Striker

    Looking for a striker for West Ham in the 1st Season, I have £8 million at the absolute most, due to Diafra Sakho getting injured.
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    LB for Spurs, first season, first team.
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    I am in my 4th season and downloaded genie scout just for a look around at the better players in other countries, but I came across my teams CA and PA, I was just wondering what is a good CA for a team such as Liverpool? i.e is it 140,150 or hgher etc.?
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    How do I recall a player from loan, it is in the loan contract but I can't find how to recall him?
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    What is wrong?

    I just can't seem to get a run of form going, neither can I get my strikers to score? What can I do? Squad - Gyazo - e6611f3643f882799573eb27f026d160.png Gyazo - 17cd23d1ff1eaf29564ae21e951462f0.png Tactic - Gyazo - f46a969b17e04cd2ff1aaaf4e64a4da3.png Gyazo -...
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    Oh I thought they said it was realistic!

    Gyazo - 2ea2c7f437a6cd90baf311f60926782e.png
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    End of first season, going into 2nd season, I have £111 million to spend, does anyone recommend any signings or sellings? Tactic - Gyazo - f11915bd4ab2b577e48429564402b08e.png Squad - Gyazo - e1c9e4c4b38df85387b6a30253daa903.png
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    Been offered £39 million, £27 upfront and £12 after 50 games for Rafael first season with Man Utd should I sell? Does he develop into the best RB or not?
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    Liverpool 1st Season - LM

    I need a LM for Liverpool first season who can go straight into the first team, got about £15 million.
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    Backup Keeper

    1 st Season - Liverpool - £5 million to spend, good enough to step in for Mignolet when needed.