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    Muisala or Sieb

    I'm currently playing as Ajax. Bayern have come in for Neres and it doesnt look like I can convince him to stay. Did some testing with exchanges and seems I could get either Muisala or Sieb plus about €10m for Neres or €20m straight up. Anyone have experience with either? Who would you go for?
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    Keep at club vs Loan Out

    So I've been thinking about this with Ajax particularly in mind. A lot of people will say young players need to be loaned out to gain playing time etc to improve and normally you would find the club with the best training facilities. If in Ajax's case you are loaning out players and you're...
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    Best position/role for newgen

    I imagine this guy isnt going to be great but my HOYD seems to think he will be the best of a "golden generation for the club" the recommended positions are ST & AMC with either Pressing Forward or AP. Even at 16 his pace & stamina as well as finishing are a bit of a concern (I know finishing...
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    Head of Youth Dev

    Hey, I think this is the right spot for this. Out of these three who would you have as your HOYD. Considering starting out as Juve trying to remold the squad into a younger Italian heavy team and hopefully producing quality youngsters myself. Braghin has my preferred formation, Conti has the...
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    What position to train this player in?

    Hi, Sorry if this is the wrong place for this. I seem to remember a training topic but couldn't see it. Anyway I've somehow in my first season with West Brom come out with two 5 star potential players from the youth intake. One looks like he will make a very good inside forward but the second I...
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    Looking for a counter attacking tactic

    Starting up a game soon and need and I have a main tactic I am comfortable with but want a second tactic specifically for counter attacking to hopefully beat high pressing teams. Any suggestions? I am useless at creating tactics myself unfortunately
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    Adding playable leagues

    Surprisingly until now Ive never really added playable to my games. Still in my first season with Ajax when I realized I never added Denmark Sweden or Norway as playable leagues. My question is will this now populate the leagues with actual players (a year on) or will they all be generated players?
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    Ajax LB 1st Season

    Winterwindow first season with Ajax. Accepted a €50m offer from Spurs for Tagliafico. Leaves me with Piere who's played as well as Tagliafico and then only really Martinez & Blind to cover LB. There's not really any prospects up and coming. I've €60m to spend but not trying to go out and spend...
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    I'm playing as Ajax and as usually have a few young players who need to be developed. I was just wondering when is the best time to mentor a player since they have to be in the same squad as the tutor. Is it better to wait until they are first team ready or call them up immediately making them...
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    Appointing youth staff

    Playing as Ajax. Promoting Hetinga to assistant manager meaning I need to fill the U19 Manager & assistant manager roles and the same for Jong Ajax. Feel these will be some of the more important appointments in the game. Have some candidates but could do with some help picking the right ones. I...
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    Assane Gnoukouri

    Is Assane Gnoukouri still in the game after the update. I know he used to be a top free signing for people this year but I've tried loading up the Italian leagues and all Ivorian players but no joy. Seems hes completely gone or am I missing something?
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    Game Speed

    Not sure if this is the right place. I've recently lost the use of my main gaming platform for the foreseeable future so I'm back to using a pretty old laptop (sounds like a jet engine when starting up FM). At the moment I can load the 2 top Dutch divisions on large database with added in...
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    Monaco 6th season

    Been through various seasons. Won everything I can at one point or another. Kept a decent side together and have made some incredible sales/buys in my time at Monaco. Most notably selling Mbappe for €146m and then bringing him back 18 months later for €90m. So now in January 2022. My current...
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    Should I sell Mbappe

    Home grown talent in my Monaco side. Immensely talented with even more potential at just 21. Have an offer of €145m on the table from Manchester City. Can replace him with Dembele for just €27m
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    Monaco 3rd season

    Fairy tale first season (and the luck of the draw) saw me win the Champions league. 2nd season I went trophyless and both seasons Ive finished 10+ points off PSG. My team at the moment is GK-Subasic/Nardi/Samba DR-Sidibe/Alamy Toure DC-Jamerson/Glik/Upamecano DL- Theo Hernandez/Mendy DM-...
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    Derby Second Season

    Going into my first season in the prem with Derby. Identified ST, LB, CB & GK as places that need to be improved. Have about £20m to spend and about £200k p/w in wages spare Lined up the current deals Okore-£4.5m £25K p/w Lisandro Lopez-£7.25m £33k p/w Michael Keane-£6m £45k p/w for CB plus...
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    Keeping Embolo at Basel

    Started a game as Basel and Embolo lit up the league first season and of course the big clubs are circling and he wants out. So far Ive blocked him. Hes not too happy but it hasnt really seemed to effect the team so Im not that bothered. Highest offer Ive gotten for him so far is £40m with £24m...
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    Rondon & Muniain

    Currently in Jan of 2nd season with Hoffenheim. About £60m to spend. Rondon (Bayern) and Muniain (Dortmund) are transfer listed for £3.9m & £6m. Should I sign them. Biggest problem I have is possibly fitting them in to the team. This is my current squad which is already a juggling act I...
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    Hoffenheim 2nd Season

    So after a season of struggles I finished 8th. Volland was on fire and drew interest from major clubs with Chelsea agreeing a £35m deal plus 30% of his next sale. With that plus what the board gave me I now have £71m to spend and £100kp/w in wages though theyll be adjusted. Have agreed a £1.2m...
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    Best Youth Setup

    Still figuring out a game to entice me and going back to my beloved West Brom but trying to do it by bringing through youth rather than buying players. Who are the best staff to bring in to the club to fill all the various youth roles. Their HOYD isnt all that bad so Ill stick with him and I...