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  1. J

    Making History with Tromsø - A Tromsø Idrettslag Story

    Hill brought in as Høgmo decides 'Enough is Enough' Per-Mathias Høgmo has decided that the time has come to retire in order to concentrate on the PhD in football that he is currently studying for at the University of Tromsø. He also stated that the health problems that saw him take a break from...
  2. J


    Just started a save with Everton, and have noticed that the squad is filled with central midfield players, be it attacking or defensive. With this in mind, I am looking to play a 4-1-2-1-2 for the first season and least, and would like this to be a possession tactic, with short, sharp passing...
  3. J

    Nick's BaP/M

    Looking for around 10-15 people to take part in this, including me. It will start up as a Be a Player game, with each player set to 80 CA and -10 PA. Each player will start without a club, and will be born in 1993, making players 17 or 18, depending on dates. However, I will also set each...
  4. J

    International Challenge v3

    So after W4NKER's International Challenge died, I decided I would set one up. All you have to do is give me a number between 1 and 10, and I will assign you an international team to manage. The challenge is to get them to Number 1 in the world and, as a result, I will try and make teams as...
  5. J

    Andrea Poli

    Hi Sorry if there is already a thread or if this is the wrong place but I searched and couldn't find anything for my specific problem. I was just wondering, after starting a Sampdoria save, whether there is any way to stop Inter buying Poli at the end of his loan spell? Cheers
  6. J

    12.2 Birmingham

    Just started a save with Birmingham on the 12.2 patch. Looking to play a 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1 with two fast wingers (Townsend and Burke/Redmond) Would like the tactic to be focused on keeping the ball well, and looking for the wingers to be the main source of the attacking play and goals, with the...
  7. J

    Jamo's English Summer Update

    Right, going to start this. It will focus on the English game to begin with, with all transfers, updated competitions, PA/CA changes, budgets and created wonderkids not on FM12 (e.g. Mason Bennett) It may expand into other major nations and leagues, I'll see how it goes. If anyone has any...
  8. J

    The Pentagon Network Game

    Looking for 4 more players to join The Pentagon Network Game. If you don't know what it is then look at this thread: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/challenges-scenarios/86065-pentegon-challenge.html I will run the game through Hamachi, and will give details of the server when there is enough...
  9. J

    Continental Network Game

    So, now my exams are practically over, I decided that I would start a network game. It will run over the major European countries i.e England, Spain, Germany, France etc. plus any requests, although I would prefer it to be held in Europe. Every tier pre-loaded into the database would also be...
  10. J

    Shrewsbury First Season - Decent Amount of Info

    I've just started a Shrewsbury save, and so am in the first season. I am looking to play with two wingers, both of which are relatively quick, (13 - 14 pace and acceleration) and would prefer to play with one BWM in midfield, and one DLP/AP dependent on the opposition, although this could be...
  11. J

    The Race Is On - Thurrock vs. Vauxhall

    'In the North corner, Vauxhall Motors. And in the South corner, Thurrock.' In a surprising and unprecedented turn of events, Pitchero Non-League, the non-league newspaper, has announced that the chairmen of Blue Square North team Vauxhall Motors, and Blue Square South team Thurrock, have...
  12. J

    North vs. South - The Race is On

    This is just a really, really basic idea that i had, in that, if there is enough interest, we will set up two teams, one taking over a BSN team, and one taking over a BSS team. It will go as a 'Pass the Parcel' format, with two separate save files, and there will be a race to reach the Premier...
  13. J

    1st Season Watford

    Have £1m to spend in the first transfer window, and looking to play 4-1-2-1-2 Ideally looking to sign a poacher, a DLP, and a Box to Box, any ideas? Cheers
  14. J

    Opening the Gate - A Bristol City Story

    I think I'm gonna just set this out as a simple results and screenies story, can't be arsed with writing a complete story etc. Personal Season Aims: - Introduce a policy of bringing through at least one academy product per season - Stay well clear of any relegation trouble - Make a decent...
  15. J

    Bristol City and Thulani Serero

    Just been promoted in my first season with Bristol City, and wondered whether it would be a good deal if I bought Thulani Serero for £6m, seeing as that is what Stoke have agreed with Ajax for him? Thanks in advance
  16. J

    Non-Footballing Costs

    I'm trying to create a club that consistently churns out profits, but find the club is spending millions on 'Non-Footballing Costs.' What are these, and what can I do, if anything, to reduce them?
  17. J

    The Cloughie Challenge

    Aims of the Challenge: - To emulate the great Brian Clough by: - Getting either Derby, or Forest, out of the Championship - Winning the Premiership - Winning the Champions League (in Forest's case) or going one better than the man himself and doing it with Derby - Using mainly...
  18. J

    United Found Guilty

    The Manchester Club Must Release Poached Stars It was today uncovered in court that a number of the recent intake of youth players by Manchester united were obtained unlawfully, and went against the guidelines with regards to signings below the age of 17 set by the Football Association. The...
  19. J

    Champions League Fulham

    Just qualified for the Champions League with Fulham in my first season through pure luck really, with Mark Schwarzer basically single handedly getting me there with some unbelievable saves, and was basically wondering about any players to bring in with Champions League experience, to try and do...
  20. J

    Fulham Reborn

    Mark Hughes Joins QPR It has today been announced, that Mark Hughes has joined QPR, citing a lack of ambition from the club's owner, Mohamed Al Fayed, as the reason. He has reportedly been promised a huge transfer fund at Loftus Road, and rumours are already circulating as to whether he will...