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    Yes My Liege

    Yes My Liege I'm back. Yes the inconsistent FM15 story maker is back, hopefully more consistent for FM16. Here's hoping! So let's begin without further ado with the Belgian story. RFC Liege RFC Liege is a third division Belgian side, founded in 1892. They are arguably one of the most...
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    Francis Blackwood: Irish Luck

    Francis Blackwood: Irish Luck To add to the immersion say the next bit in a Irish accent. As a boy I liked football. As a teenager I loved footall. As a man I adored football. They say the Irish are good at only rugby, potatoes and alcohol. And I'd agree with them but talent grows in the...
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    The Story of Sir Christopher Lee

    The Story of Sir Christopher Lee Right now, you may be thinking... what! Well basically here's the explanation for the title of the story: as some of you may know Sir Christopher Lee sadly passed away on Sunday at the age of 93 years old. Lee starred in many memorable films such as The Curse...
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    Royal Antwerp - The Revival

    Royal Antwerp - The Revival I have tried a few stories in the past but none have really been great, and they haven't really interested me, so I thought I'd move into a fresh story and travel to Belgium, to Antwerp. I have played as Antwerp before in FM15 and I played for two seasons but in...
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    You'll never beat Des Walker!

    Dougie Freedman Resigns! Freedman pictured whilst managing Bolton Wanderers. After a shock turn of events, Dougie Freedman has resigned from his position as manager of football league championship club Nottingham Forest. Freedman, 40 didn't even manage a single game for Forest; the club...
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    The Climb - The Story of Stan Collymore

    The Climb Now a new story. I have made a few stories on here but none of the save games were interesting or exciting, I am now equipped with some good skills on how to make a good story. Thanks for xJamesWilliams' Jamie Carragher story, Brendn's Liverpool five year plan and Timmzeh's Pozzo...
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    Hans Frettaberg - Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge

    Hans Frettaberg - The Sir Alex Ferguson Challenge. This story is centered around the career of... you guessed it, Sir Alex Ferguson. Now as many of you will know Sir Alex started his career at East Stirlingshire where he then went on to manage St Mirren, Aberdeen and finally Manchester United...
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    The Mighty grasshoppers

    Welcome to the stage the Mighty Grasshoppers Grasshopper Club Zurich are a club playing in the swiss super league and despite winning the swiss league a incredible 27 years they haven't won it since 2003 and are failing expectations As you can see these last ten years haven't been kind to...
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    My new challenge

    Hello everybody and welcome to my new save. Some of you might have seen my earlier save, I wanted it to work but it didn't so here I am with another one. And i need you to choose a team: Grasshoppers - Swiss super league Munchen Lions - Bundesliga 2 FC Dallas - MLS Sporting - Liga Adelante...
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    Two Managers, Same Outcome

    Hello guys! This is my first story and hopefully a successful one. The outline for this story is there are two made-up managers, both unemployed but both used to be international footballers and I try with all my might to make both managers victorious. Enter manager 1: Name: Francis Blackwood...
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    Tactic for the conference.

    Hello I'm wondering does anyone know a good tactic for a conference south team. Bath city. I have got a alright tactic which is working reasonable well for me but it is not consistent at I concede a lot of goals sometimes costing me the game so is there any good tactic for my team?
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    AFC Dover!

    Hey Guys I Just Wanted To Know What Would Be A Good Tactic For AFC Dover (a English conference team) Right Now I Am Using The 4-5-1 Formation And I Am Not Having Much Look With It AKA Losing Every Game So I Just Wanted To Know What Would Be A Winning Tactic Or At Least Some Tips On How To...