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    Chedwyn Evans

    So as you all may know, Ched Evans was recently released from prison after serving a 2.5 year sentence for rape. He used to play for Sheffeild United before his conviction and by all accounts, he was a good striker at his level. Recently, Sheffeild United have come out and said that they are...
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    Malky Mackay sacked!

    This decision is truly baffling. I heard Vincent Tan was angry because Malkay overspent by a fair bit in the summer but surely that's no reason to sack a manager ... Any amount is inconsequential to what they stand to gain by remaining in the EPL next season. Plus appointing that kid as DoF. Absurd
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    Wayne Rooney or Robin Van Persie?

    Easily the two best strikers in the EPL at the moment and possibly the world. Both Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie have shone for their respective clubs Manchester United and Arsenal despite both clubs coming off the back of trophyless seasons Arguably, Robin Van Persie had the better season...
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    David De Gea or Wojciech Szczesny?

    Some of you may recall that I did something similar to this with my Juan Mata or David Silva Thread. Again I aim to compare two younsgters who seem to be very close to each other in terms of skill, ability and potential. No one would deny that both Szczesny and De Gea are two extremely talented...
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    Yellow Card Rule in the Champions League Final?

    I decided I will only make this if Chelsea won because I knew I would get shot down for being bitter if I made this thread if Chelsea lost but anyways the issue still stands Is it fair to suspend a player who gained 3 yellow cards over the course of a whole season from playing in the Champions...
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    Juan Mata or David Silva?

    Juan Mata and David Silva. Both of these Spaniards are widely regarded as the most creative players in the EPL. Remarkably similar playing styles, both Juan Mata and David Silva have been integral to the way their team play. Cheif Creators for their sides Chelsea and Manchester City...
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    Want to buy an Xbox360 games- Reccommendations needed

    Hello All Anyways, I finished my exams 2 days ago and decided it was time t spend my nights finishing the story of another xbox game So I want to buy an Xbox360 games and would appreciate if I could get some help. Price is not an issue at all, so even games just released can be recommended...
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    What Books have you read/reading currently?

    I have not really managed to find a thread on Books yet in the forums and I am sure that there are quite a few among us who do read books be it crime related or fooball autobiographys or fantasy stories So what are you favourite books and what book are you currently reading or are waiting...
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    AC Milan Guide by Alcaraz

    Club Name: AC Milan Year Founded: 1899 Status: Proffessional Reputation: Continental ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stadium Name: San Siro Stadium Capacity: 87074 all-seater Stadium Condition: Good Youth...
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    Noobs Guides

    Confirmed Members Mike. - Probably everything oneunited- Tactics Researcher and contributer Giggles- Lower League Management hellroker- Players and Staff stuW- Again probably everything GodCubed- Pretty much everything again So now as our team is ready, we will be posting links to our work...
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    A Guide to Middlesbrough FC.

    Club Name: Middlesbrough FC. Year Founded: 1876 Status: Professional Reputation: National Nickname: Boro Affiliated Clubs: Darlington ---------------------------------- Chairman: Steve Gibson Manager: Tony Mowbray Finances: Secure Value: $38 Million...
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    IPL Auction 2011- 1st Round

    The Lucrative Money-making Cricket League is back with two new franchises in the form of Kochi and Pune. A decision was made this year to completely reshuffle the teams and the first Auction took place today. Groundbreaking News from the First Auction Gautam Gambhir goes to Mumbai Indians...
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    Alcarazs Chairman Game- Registration

    I have decided to fill the void and create a Chairman Game for FM11 which has been attempted unsucessfully in the past by Nick Main. Basically it is similar to the one which Kris and Jake did for FM10 although until I get more people to help me, I will be limiting the number of spots to 20...
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    Alcarazs Mini Prospects Thread

    Ever felt small at not being financially capable to go after the game's hottest youngsters like the big clubs do? Always had to settle for washed away free agents? This Thread was created so that managers of Lower League Clubs can buy decent Potential Youngsters who are not talented enough...
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    Arsene Wenger- Pure Genius (Part 1)

    Introduction This is a 5 part series which I have decided to write on the life and times of one of the most celebrated managers in the Premiereship, Arsene Wenger right from his playing days to his current reign at Arsenal. I hope you find these articles enjoyable to read. Early Life...
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    Noobs Guide to Developing Players

    Introduction: I am pretty sure each and every one of us has their own particular strategy on the way they develop their players, I am just writing my own strategy which has been quite successful for me. I am not trying to say that only my strategy will work, this is just something I have tried...
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    Mike. Appreciation Thread

    Thought I would open this Thread so that the whole FM-Base Communtiy can appreciate the hard work put in by one of our most dedicated Moderators Mike who is active for several hours every day so that he can keep our forum clutter and nonsense free I know their is a Moderator Appreciation...
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    Jay Sean

    Jay Sean Kamaljit Singh Jhooti or Jay Sean is probably the most sucessful British Singer of Indian Origin with hits such as Down, 2012 and Do you Remember. Personally despite his hilarious real name I like his music alot, what do you guys think?
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    From Rags to Raja- Racism set agains the exciting backdrop of Football

    Attention! This Story is not target at any specific person/group. This is just a story based on true accounts on what happens in our life in this generation. Again, this is based on only a few people who taint our society by thinking that just because they are British they have a better pot to...
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    FM-Base Signature Making World-Cup Qtr Finals Poll

    Apology to Participants To all Participants a big apology for the huge delay as I have been overseas for the past week or so but I could have done it if I had been arsed enough to go to the Business Centre in the hotel where I was staying Format A poll has been put up on this Thread to...