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    stuck on must respond ??

    hi just been promoted finished 1st in the championship with my Blackburn rovers team and now having my pre-season team talk and it stuck on must respond even though I have done the team talk and now cannot continue any ideas oh and I have not saved it for ages thanks for any help. ok quick...
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    favourite player

    {hav'nt seen this tread so thought i would try it} who is your first player you buy every time ? mine has to be wellington nem from shaktar without a doubt dont really hear much about him but hes young and always puts in a shift and a goal machine.
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    train player in new position greyed out?

    hi im always try to train my player in all positions available to them but the start training for new position in development is now greyed out on all players an ideas thanks for you help.
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    transfer update not working with windows 8 ?

    hi I have just installed lfcmarshalls transfer update on my pc running win 7 works fine . I then tried to do the same on my mates new laptop running win 8 but it don't seem to work any ideas cheers