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    AVFC: Petrov replacement.

    Yeah its been a good 9months since i posted and played: First season with villa, resigned from Swansea to join (was doing awful!) Currently contending 6th place, budget 15million however i like to play realistically and will never spend all of that on one DM. Looking for a composed holding...
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    The Next Adebayor / Henry to the prem

    Has anyone saw that Korean guy that plays for Monaco, Park Chu Young, hes been linked with a move to the premiership and correct me if im wrong, henry and adebayor started there didnt they? From what ive saw from Young he looks a real world beater at the age of (24?) i dont know alot about this...
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    Matias Defederico

    I just found this guy and ive saw no threads about him on this forum, is he any good and has anyone got a screenshot / experience with him later than 2011? Also inter bought him for 14millish in the 3rd season, Thanks.
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    Money Making Myth...

    Is it true if you are a well known club or your in a big league and you purchase an Asian international or an American player that shirt sales increase, aswel as tv revenue from abroad in their respective countries?
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    A Mary Poppins Story.

    Closed / delete please... Save is broketened :(