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    Request Your Kits Here!

    I got missed... can i get these please. SS kit would be preferred.
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    Request Your Kits Here!

    Team: Stockport Town Kit Manufacturer: Kappa Sponsor: Robinsons Brewery - solid colour silhouette please (blue for home / white for away) Colours: Home (same as image) Away (Purple (2 shades) and white trim) Home - https://i.pinimg.com/originals/41/a4/42/41a442b783afcda4b9be4cbbb9dc5de5.jpg...
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    If anyone else feels up to the challenge... Deadline Today

    https://forum.deviantart.com/jobs/services/2383558/ I am a student teacher and looking for someone to help my lesson come alive... I need a large 2D Minecraft image to display on the smart board. The lesson is about air pollution and acid rain, as you might tell from the linked image... I just...
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    Kit Request: Salford City

    I would really appreciate some kits for my new save. Team: Salford City Sponsor: Sky Sports orientated Brand: Umbro /Nike Club colours: Red (Home) - Dark Blue/Navy (Third) - White (Away)- Gold(Additional) Nike kits: Umbro kits:
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    Opinions Wanted 4-2-3-1 Narrow Tactic

    bornexplorer88's Narrow Dominator 4-2-3-1 It's working pretty well so far and two players with over 40 goals a piece so far. Just after opinions on the tactic at other clubs... So please comment below and give me any suggestions or feedback Thanks in advance
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    Sim City players wanted

    Wanting to make a full region with people who actually play regularly. I often find myself joining games were they just give up after 2-3 days... Ideally 3-4 players, to do maybe one of the larger regions of 16 maps (4 great works) Any interested players post up on here with your ID or just...
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    bornexplorer88's Youth Rating Editor File

    I have adjusted all the nations youth ratings, min 80, hoping that there are the odd gems from "weaker" countries. Let me know of your findings... Hope to not get too many so please keep me posted. and also feel free to make recommendations on youth ratings
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    Graphic Colour Query

    In the attribute graph, how do i alter the colour of the line? or perhaps even make it a thicker line? Can anyone help as its really annoying me!!! I am using FMTemaDF11 tactic (FMTema v2.1 skin for FM15)
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    Please can some help on European Qualification from Irish Leagues

    I am currently managing Wexford Youth in Ireland and wanted to know what it is I need to do to earn a Champions League Slot, I also manage Ireland aswell, (I have recently qualified for the Euro's 2016)... Is it National success? Club success? League Rep? etc... And how can I affect these... Thanks
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    Betting for the week.

    Was wondering if we could get a bet thread started... Football obviously, but for major events it would be good for others i think... Well with a great day of Cup Finals and International friendlies too. I thought I'd give it a go today... So... Any one else had a go at this weekend fixtures?
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    English Based Draft

    Hi guys, Just a bit of advice, so I was looking into doing an MLS style on England soil? Is it possible, to set up the nation rules to match the USA completely? It seems impossible, so any insight would be great.
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    bornexplorer88's Chairman Game 2015

    bornexplorer88's Chairman Game (using LFC Marshall's January Update when it's available, I can't stress enough to donate, that guy does alot of work in the editor) For having not played one of these in a while; and having not seen any this year, thus far. I have decided to start running my...
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    Scouting Knowledge

    Who are the staff that have the best coverage of scouting knowledge? I think every year since the introduction of Scouting Knowledge (Coverage), I make it a personal challenge to achieve 100%
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    Any 5-3-2 WB Suggestions - Man City

    Any Suggestions guys, struggling a little with my tactical set up atm... Formation: Asymmetric 5-3-2 WB Mentality: Control Team Shape: Fluid Team Instructions: Retain Possession, Shorter Passing, Pass into Pass, Work Ball into Box, Run at Defence, Exploit the Middle, Play Wider, Much Deeper...
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    Manchester City 98-99 - English Giant Start Over

    Manchester City 98-99 - English Giant Start Over Custom Database Introduction "Manchester City have been given the chance to have a do-over, Joe Royle has stepped down from his role as Manager, to be the Assistant Manager. They have returned to Maine Road, attendance 34,996 (all-seater) with...
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    Help, Bored with FM 2014, now. wanna go back to...

    FM 2005, will anyone donate there game via steam, or have there old cd code... please dont post on thread as i don't want this to be a place for people to post fake serial keys... please pm if you can help thanks...
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    AZ Alkmaar Team and Eredivisie Guide Request

    I am starting a new save, using these leagues. Top Five Smallest Countries With the Best National Teams in FM14 | Football Manager 2014 Blog I am thinking of starting with AZ Alkmaar (restricted to clubs with no manager employed), but would like to have an overview of the team and the league...
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    SIgn Up for Chairman Game - bornexplorer88 English Prem - Questions

    bornexplorer88's English Premier League Chairman Game Sign Up and Q & A Thread Link to Game Thread http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2014-manager-stories/152375-bornexplorer88s-english-premier-league-chairman-game-football-manager-2014-edition.html
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    Keep getting this Crash Dump Help

    Please help this is ruining my enjoyment of this game, every time i get into team save, this happens... and i'm a city fan trying to manage united here... "god help me" just fancied it this year!!!
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    bornexplorer88's English Premier League Chairman Game - FM 2014 Edition

    Game is Over bornexplorer88's English Premier League Chairman Game After running this for a season or so on FM13 I felt that I would give it another go on FM14. Unfortunately a number of factors meant I had to cut it after 1 season on the last version, but that shouldn't be a problem this time...