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  1. K

    In Game Editor not appearing!!

    Hi all. Someone please help. Just bought the in game editor but it is not appearing for me. I have ticked it off in prefences and shut down and restarted but still nothing?? Any advice will help.Thanks
  2. K

    Re inconsistent tactics - is it me or the game?

    Hi All. I am currently managing Plymouth who have a decent squad and a bit of money. I am using the Knapp 433 tactic and in my first 5 games I won 4 and drew 1 with a tactic fluidity of 30%. I have worked on the tactic and now it is 85% fluid but have not won in 7 games, 2 draws and 5 defeats! 2...
  3. K

    Creating More chances and lots more possession but getting beat!!

    Hi all. Help needed. I am playing as Doncaster in league 1 and have made a decent start but I am now getting beaten by lower teams when I have had 20+ chances and have 70/30 possession. 70mins plus it all goes wrong!! I have tried time wasting tactics but nothing seems to work. I am starting to...