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    MAN UTD 4-2-4

    424 tactic, that leaves 4 players upfront, 2 wingers and 2 dlf's Very low possession (2nd Lowest in the league) almost always opposition has more shots But Clear Cut Chances and goals is very good Here are the results In last screenshot you will see that we lost a lot of games at back end of...
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    network game

    anyone playing a network game
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    new network game

    anyone startinga new game or wanting to start a new game???
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    network game

    is there any network games going out there???
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    network game

    anyone running a network game at the moment??
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    daytime network game

    is anyone currently runnin a daytime network game, or interested in doing one???
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    network game

    any network games happening at the moment??
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    Adding Faces and backgrounds

    How do I add my own faces and backgrounds?
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    more passes

    How do i get my midfielders to pass more, what settings should I have, I play scholes and xavi for man u and barca respectively, i can get about 55 passes out of scholes playing deep lying playmaker in 451, and same with xavi but only get about 45 passes out of him. Anybody got any suggestions...
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    more passes

    How do i get maximum passes out of midfielders, e.g. xavi, i struggle to get more than 45, what settings do others use to get more passes
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    How do I get the best out of Xavi, I can only get around 45 passes per game out of him, when really I want to get double that at least. Is this possible if so how???
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    Good young CB's

    I'm after a good young centre back any ideas?
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    Anyone got a daytime game going?
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    IS there any way u can get hamachi without buying it??
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    daytime network game

    Looking for a daytime network game to join, anyone got one???
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    epl game

    hamachi game user name EPL 10 password 12345 Starting now
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    EPL running now

    join now, Danthepeg 1234
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    Epl running today, now!!!

    Join now, league is underway, no boring pre-season to go through. hamachi: danthepeg pass: 1234
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    Epl starts now

    English Premier league starting now. Anyone can join, Teams gone, Man utd, ME Chelsea, Namis