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    Data Analysts and Sport Scientists

    What attributes matter to their ability? Just started with Newcastle and all of the staff have been poached from PL teams but what makes them good? Any downsides to not having them?
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    Alternative Tactics and choice of team.

    I know most people always choose to play attractive football on FM but i want to go the opposite and play ugly, long ball and aggressive football. I want to play in the championship but dont know which team to be...
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    QPR 1st season

    First season RB LB ST budget 1.8m
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    Confusion on Mac

    I've downloaded a few new databases to vary things up but i dont know where to put them in the sports interactive folder! ive tried a few obvious places such as db and updates but none seem to work! :'( sorry if this is already up but i cant find it! please help me!