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    🔥 F.C Barcelona - From Crisis To Glory 🔥

    🔥 F.C Barcelona - From Crisis To Glory 🔥 Barcelona are in a point in time where they find themselves at one of the worst points of there long existence. Along with an aging squad they find themselves in over 1 Billion pounds worth of debt and struggling to find any type of form in Liga...
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    Total Control (Original by Panneton0)

    Hello everyone. Do you love possession football? Do you love watching wonderful 1 touch passing? Well this could be the tactic for you :) There is a lot of hype about a particular tactic known as Total Control created by a guy known as Panneton0. However, there are alot of people who cannot...
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    🔥⚽️ "Gunning For Success" ⚽️🔥

    "A New Look, A New Manager, A New Future" As an Arsenal fan myself, i am sure all you fellow Arsenal fans are getting increasingly frustrated with the inconsistency with the clubs performances at the moment. Too many big players under performing and too many youngsters getting overlooked...
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    The English Prodigy - Destination Unknown

    "The Unknown One"
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    Manchester City New Badge

    Has anybody created the new Manchester City badge yet? Regards, Bromley
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    Is Anybody Thinking Of Making Kits This Year?

    Hello to all, was just wondering if anybody was planning on becoming a kit maker on this site for this years FM. Regards, RB